POLL: Most important Non-Combat moves in Turn 1 (AAR)

  • As the other thread for combat moves, what are the most critical NCM’s for turn 1… and why  🙂

  • other G-1 ncm-“decision”: placement of how many german fighters in WEU or LIB (or anywhere else like sz5 and EEU)? I.e. where do you put priority with your german airforce? On the norther sea zones (sz3 or 4) and/or AZO or on southern territories (for eventual attack on RED-trn and/or UK-fgt and UK-bmb in CNG?

  • This poll and post is even more difficult to answer than the combat poll.  This one not only depends on prior combat, but also on the outcome of those combats.  Your planned NCM can be obsolete and/or foolhardy by the time it’s time to make it.

    Like Switch says, the best laid plans last only until contact with the enemy. (paraphrased) 😄

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