• Is it a good move to use both of the transports in SZ10 to carry over all of the ground units and amphibiously invade Algeria? I usually do this and then build an IC in Brazil and use that to then pump U.S. forces into Africa. I’ve never actually gotten to the stage where I’d mount my D-day invasion of southern Europe but this is usually what I am planning. Also, I build two AA guns. (One in Algeria, and one in Libya if I’ve taken it

  • This is uusally a good idea if the UK also lands in Algeria on turn 1, provided that the German med fleet is off of Egypt and can’t reach SZ12.

    In SZ12 you will have a force of 1 battleship, 1 destroyer, and 4 transports at the end of turn 1. Germany can bring perhaps 5 fighters + 1 bomber against that, which is very reasonable. This is not a favorable fight for the Germans; while they will indeed win about 62%+ of the time, they will lose at least 4 fighters in the deal, which is great for the Allies in addition to that they weren’t using their fighters against Russia that turn. You have a strong landing force in Algeria already by turn 1, and are ready to chase them down into Africa.

  • I got banged by this move in the game I am currently playing… and took the bait on the Naval battle… with worse results than Tri posted… Germany lost their AF… ALL of it, UK still had ships.

    Germany is in “turtle” mode for the most part… hunkered down sending INF to the coasts and very little to Russia…  Africa is 100% British.

    That is a dying game for the Axis, and leaves it up to Japan to save them (which in my current game is actually looking rather good 🙂 )

  • Wow haha. My success with the Japanese sucks, no matter how quickly/efficiently I go at it (high level of play mind you). I find it really difficult to press well on all 3 prongs, as inevitably Russia chooses one of those prongs to break and can delay for quite some time. I play myself on LowLuck to fine tune the strategies, but I’m still losing as the Axis even when I start with dual complexes and the Allies have retreated from India/Buryatia, which is about as fast as Japan gets.

    I even put a bid in Africa as the Germans so I threaten a naval link by sending the med fleet westwards with a carrier purchase in the Baltic, and though this does delay the US (since have to buy some subs for fodder before can tackle the fleet), for some reason it never seems to delay enough. The best I’ve gotten is a Japan takeover of Moscow on the same turn as Berlin fell, but this always seems to favor the Allies as both Uk/US are about 50 IPCs while Japan is at 60…I think I’ll have to go play some more because lowluck does still have a luck factor involved and the Allies might have gotten a bit lucky here and there…

    Damn it gets boring to play the game one way though (KGF). Germany is always the pinata that the 3 Allies are beating the living snot out of for candy, and Japan is always huffing and puffing to make a real difference… 😉

  • That is why it pays to be good as Japan (as I think I have shown you before Tri 😛 )

    And in the game I mentioned, Japan is going to break the 50 IPC income line on J3… How is THAT for speed of expansion?

    Even with Germany in turtle mode, the Axis is still about to gain economic superiority…  Which when you add in defensive strength being cheaper than offensive strength…  Things are looking up for the Axis… thanks to Japan 🙂

  • I don’t think I’m bad with Japan at all, but I seem to get a lot of bad luck on China, often taking with 1-3 inf instead of a nice stack of 5-6.

    What strategy are you using against your opponent? He must have like compeletely retreated EVERYWHERE in Asia to have let you get the 50 IPC mark at J3  :? SFE, Bury, Yakut, Novo, Kazakh, China, Sinkiang, India, Persia, Trans-Jordan, and Caucasus would be + 20 IPCs….

  • @trihero:

    What strategy are you using against your opponent? He must have like compeletely retreated EVERYWHERE in Asia to have let you get the 50 IPC mark at J3  :? SFE, Bury, Yakut, Novo, Kazakh, China, Sinkiang, India, Persia, Trans-Jordan, and Caucasus would be + 20 IPCs….

    Actually, he stopped me just shy of 50… then slapped me back to 40 in short order… and now Japan has to scurry to get a rear-guard into China to stop a cluster of Soviet Armor in Sinkiang (I know, I know… weird as hell… he “turtled” as Russia against Germany, then fired back out the next round in a sunburst…)
    I did the usual… North, Central, Southern prongs… and I slipped 6 divisions (mix of ART, ARM and INF) backed up by a HUGE naval force (BB, loaded AC, DST, SUB, 3 TRN) and took Alaska and WCan.

    But as usual that is biting me in the butt because now those forces are not in Asia to stop the Soviet breakthrough…

    One of these days I will STOP trying to back-door the USA.  It never works… 
    Just so tempting to see all those vacant IPC’s…  LOL

    I REALLY need to just focus on a KRF strat as Japan… Clear the Pacific of fleet, trannies for North and Central prongs, IC and trannies for Southern prong, remaining fleet into the Indian Ocean, then on to the Med and the Atlantic…

  • I think every Japan player dreams of landing a sucker punch in West LA (making anime in Hollywood o_O), but it’s just incredibly hard to do so against an aware US player…I think it’s a one-time maneuver that may work if the US player didn’t have any troops in the west and you had 2 fully loaded carriers with 4 inf + 4 arm land in Western Canada and have 2 battleship shots as well, but otherwise it’s just another unattainable dream  😛

    Edit: I guess it’s even worse than it looks because the US should have units in Eastern Canada to dislodge your forces, so all you’re doing is delaying his shuck but delaying yours as well, which at best doesn’t advance your cause.

  • Well, that game is over… I surrendered after UK4.

    Still had income, still had SOME forces… but it was over.  Germany would have fallen in Allied 6.

    Tri… If you are up for a game while we wait for Octo to come back in a week…

  • Lol! This topic turned into a conversation between you two.

  • I had a game where I landed in California, would have won me the game if I could have held off his small tank army and fighter from Eastern US, but he knocked me out the next round and got some really good rolls and it was over shortly after.

    I however will not divulge how I was able to land there, I dont want to give away my secret

  • Come on now, you have to share.  I’m an avid Japan player myself.  I wanna know!

  • There’s no real secret to it. From SZ60 you can reach Western Canada with all your transports (use SZ63). If the US player isn’t prepared for it, then he could lose California. If you are building normal amounts of land troops for your shuck and keep a small stack in Western Canada (like the 5 inf around that area that you start with) and just keep an eye on how many transports can land in Canada, then it’s not a problem.

  • Thats not how I did it, its really simple but I havent been Japan in awhile to try it out again

  • Well the other options are simply getting transports into range of California. There are a lot of seazones you can use like hawaii or solomons or SZ42 if you’re tricky. There’s no real way to surprise the US and grab California without them seeing you move your transports within a certain range.

  • I don’t really want to play a game right now, Switch. I’m engaged with someone on Triple A, and Octo will be back on the 12th which is pretty soon and I’m not sure we’d finish a game since I have to go sorta slow with school and stuff, and I think you’re biting at the chomp to duel him so I’d not want to delay that with a game right now which could last a couple of weeks.

  • Fair enough 🙂  My wife will probably be happy if I take a week off anyway 🙂

    Good luck on your current match!

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