???I it possible to win with the Allies??? Please tell me!!!

  • Ok, me, my bro and my uncle have played 7 times (We are all good players/knoweldgeable) The Allies are 0-7 in the 7 games. We have not been able to get the Allies quick enough into the Battle so they can stop Germany from taking Moscow. We can stop Japan in India and Germany in Africa. Its always too late when we think we can get to Germany.

    These are the rules we play
            NO Victory Cities
            Global Domination

    You can conceide at any one time. Please get me a strategy to help out Russia and take down Germany and Japan. Thanks

  • It’s absolutely winnable, actually I personally think in a world domination game the allies have an advantage, seeing the difficulty in an American invasion. As for strategies, nothing specific, as they are too numerous and too specific, but just practice some Western logistics, getting British and American troops into Europe for instance.

  • i don´t understand how if you play on global domination the axis have(7-0)

    even if the German player goes for Moscow and in later turns(6,7 or 8th) is able to take it you have enourmous possibilities of creating a large navy(s) in both atlantic and pacific

    that means that you can unload dozens of units on German territories before Moscow is down and that you can defend from and later on attack or counterattack Japan forces in land, sea an air

    do you play with biding or not?

    and if you can in short terms tell me what do you do with each allie in first 2 rounds , only in first 2 rounds

    that how if i have more information i hope that i could help you

  • While not privy to the details of your games if the Allies have a big donut in the win column the most likely culprits to me are poor logistics and planning on the part of the US and inadequate defense of Russia. If you can’t bring enough US forces to the front starting with round 4 or 5 if you are attempting to KGF then you are not establishing and guarding an adequate transport system with the US and UK. If you are stopping Japan in India it suggests a UK complex and holding that will be sucking all of UKs IPCs out of pressuring Germany and helping defend Russia in NOR, KAR, ARC. If you are splitting the US loot between Pacific and Atlantic navies you are also inadequately aiding Russia by not getting pressure on Germany.

    Simple advice with out getting too much into details.

    The US abandons the Pacific. NO new Pacific navy. Garrison the West Coast and rotate those units thru to ECA for TRN to European and African fronts.

    UK or US must supply defensive naval units to guard the TRNs from German air and what may remain of the Kriegsmarine (which should be sank as soon as practical.)

    Try to supply FTRs to Mos and CAU from UK and US without weakening your TRN defense or flow of troops.

    Get UK troops to the Eastern front via NOR, KAR or ARC. Leave cleansing Africa to the US except to contest EGY with troops via TRN from India.

    USSR should fall back from the BRY, SFE front and try to get Germany to overextend too quickly in UKR, BEL and CAU and then chop 'em off at the knees (this is very effective see my 2 on 2 tourney game) and dig in and wait for the UK and US.

    Again I do not know what moves you are making but play a game where the Allies do not build any new ICs. Spend those bucks on ships and troops.

  • ok i ll just say that with USA i wouldnt leave the pacific

    if you don´t attack Japan at all, in only a few turns Japan will be receiving around 45 IPC

    and Germany can defend pretty well on all its fronts beacuse of its giant military and economic power
    it would be tough, but the defences would hold

    i just want to say-from my point of view(correct me if i am wrong) that abandoning any serious attacks and counterattacks on Japan forces against a very experienced German player who can hold off and the Japanese who can spread rapidly leads to perdiction

    and the game is on 9VC, not 10
    so if Russia goes down…

  • 2007 AAR League

    Although I have never played as the US succesfully I am just going to say that I think that the US should maybe build an AC on US1 and a DD in the Pacific depending on what they plan on doing with the Panama DD so that they can go and maybe take some islands and if the UK consolidates in SZ 30 then if the Jap Fleets aren’t combined yet they aren’t strong enough to attack a BB,DD,AC,2 Figs without heavy losses and then the US can maybe take East Indies and UK can take Borneo and then the fleets can combine and be on the defensive until the time is right. Commiting 16 maybe 28 IPCs to the Pacific to gain 8 IPCs shouldn’t be bad in the long run because if you are planning on focusing on Germany it will stall Japan which should help.

  • What is your uncle building with Germany/Japan? About what round do you lose?

  • Germany builds all tanks and maybe a fighter a round.

    Japan builds 3 tanks with its complex(After it takes China) in  Kwintiang and some men in Japan to bridge to Manchuria.
    THEn maybe a fighter or two. Also, in rounds 2 or 3 they put a complex in Manchuria(6 tanks a turn on land in East Asia.)

    Why do people want to abandon India( Then Japan could get to Russia even faster)

  • i also think that its very hard to defend India in the first turn when you build IC there

    but if you can do this than IC in India is not a bad idea-but there is something more, you have to be able to prevent Japanese transports to land several or even more troops in French Indochina and India

    you have to have a navy that can threat Japan, otherwise IC in India is not a solution to your problems, it just delays your doom

  • The problem we always have, by the time US has enough units to do some damage in Japan or Germany, the Russians are close to extinction.
    Have you guys ever tried shipping men from West U.S. to East Russia?

  • You should abandon India because it´s impossible to hold against an average or good Jap. player, Japan can easily get another complex in Asia by conquering India and UK can´t put pressure on Japan AND Germany at the same time.
    Even if they build only 2 Inf and 1 Art per round it costs them 10 IPC / round + the 15 IPC in the beginning.
    In my first games I´ve also build a complex in India every time, but by now I´m doing it only in KJF.

  • The key to beat someone who is massing tanks as Germany is to swoop in fast with the UK, while playing Russia defensively. Russia should be purchasing 90% infantry with a scattering of 1 art here and there, and shouldn’t push anywhere except to make good trades. The UK should quickly get up to 4 transport strength and wreck W. Europe, which should stop the German advance dead in its tracks. If W. Europe is defended too hard, then go support Russia along the north into Archangel or Karelia. It doesn’t sound like your uncle does much with his Germany navy, so on the first turn kill the Baltic navy with your airforce, and retake Egypt if you can with the India troops. Abandoning India to save Africa is a good move.

    Once Germany stops flowing troops to the Eastern front, have Russia push back hard with all the troops it’s been saving up, and you should be ok. Japan will likely be uncontested and you’ll have to defend, but Germany should be falling quickly too with its money spent on so many tanks instead of efficient infantry for defense.

    Getting the US in fast enough isn’t that tough if Germany isn’t creating a navy to stall you. Start with either 3 tran 6 inf or 1 car 2 tran 2 tank, and for a few turns after slowly add 1 transport to each build while making large numbers of land troops. You want to get one fleet operating between E. Canada and London, and the other fleet operating between London and a huge number of dropzones east of it.

  • MY Uncle bridges a tank and a man the first turn to Africa.
    WE know though that we can hold AFRICa by building a complex and taking a fighter or two there. IF India isn’t there to slow down Japan, Japan will be threatening Russia on rounds 3 and 4.

  • I wouldn´t build a complex in Africa, but liberate it with land forces, which is more effective.
    It´s true that Japan will be threatening Moscow on rd 3-4 but so will UK,US threaten Berlin.
    The Ruskys can hold of some more rounds (Japan can´t take Russia´s capital so early because they need many troops in Central Asia and need some rounds to get them there whereas Russia produces directly in Moscow and has many Units there.)
    You just have to hold on until Ger has fallen or in a worse case trade Moscow against Berlin.
    It doesn´t work every time but you win quite often.

  • MY Uncle bridges a tank and a man the first turn to Africa.
    WE know though that we can hold AFRICa by building a complex and taking a fighter or two there. IF India isn’t there to slow down Japan, Japan will be threatening Russia on rounds 3 and 4.

    Building a complex just slows you down. Send the Indian forces over to attack Egypt. Japan can have maybe 3 tanks available to attack Moscow on turn 5 if they take India on round 1. Round 1 take India, Round 2 build complex, Round 3 built tanks, Round 4 move tanks to Caucasus, Round 5 in Moscow. That’s a lot of rounds for you to prepare. Any German incursions in Africa however can really screw up the UK. Having UK attack Egypt immediately gives you that time for the US to land in Algeria and march downwards.

  • What would also help if if you tell us how your uncle manges his airforce and defense in W. Europe. Then I could tell you how fast you could/should be getting into Europe to help Russia survive.

  • @osu888:

    The problem we always have, by the time US has enough units to do some damage in Japan or Germany, the Russians are close to extinction.
    Have you guys ever tried shipping men from West U.S. to East Russia?

    your units from west US could come to Moscow in 5th turn-but it is not a good idea from two reasons
    1:the units need 5 turns to come to Moscow
    2:Japan player can easily attack US Navy if it moves towards Japan in the first rounds

    what i advice to you when playing US is to mass a large navy suported with air units and afcorse you should have at least 1-2 trainies and a few

    that how the Japan player would have to deal in Mainland Asia in pacific against you and if the UK has a navy in pacific which can if necesserally join with yours than Japan faces threats on all sides

    and when playing Russia buy infantry only-that how you wont have much attacking potential, but you will hold one, maybe two turns more-and it´s not a small thing

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    A)  Russia has GOT to take out a German plane.  this is probably your ONLY opportunity of the war to kill a solitary German fighter and you need to take it.

    B)  Abandon the Pacific.  Yes, Japan will get 45 IPCs a round, but they need to make industrial complexes and transports to use that money effectively, and that gives you some time to play.

    C)  America needs at least 8 transports. (4 from Canada to England; 4 from England to Karelia)

  • It sounds to me like you are sinking too much Allied cash into ICs and not enough into TRNs and men. You do not need an IC in Africa. Heck just with the stuff on the board at outset the US can put 2 INF, 1 ARM and 1 ART into French Equatorial Africa or Belgian Congo on turn two without putting those TRNs in range of German FTRs. Unless G is landing them in Alg.

    Or if you don’t mind risking them (sacrificing them) to German airpower you can land that in ALG on US1. Or in a move I use and no doubt needs some refinement. US 1 get an AC, a TRN, a ARM and a INF and whatever else you want to do with what is left (more INF for WUS maybe or a FTR.) Get your WUS and EUS FTR on your new AC and move the SZ20 (Panama) DD to the EUS. Turn 2 you take your fleet and launch “Torch” the landings in ALG. On US3  you now have a nice fleet, 3 TRN, 1 AC, 2 DD and 2 FTRs and lots of troops to move around with it to cleanse Africa of the Germans, or threaten WEU, or SEU or can combine with the UK in SZ6 and just start pumping troops into Europe thru NOR or KAR.

    If you have built more TRNs on turn 2 and three and have been moving land units from WUS, to WCA to ECA on turn 4 you should be landing a minimum of 6 units (3 INF and whatever combo of ARM, ART and INF you like) into NOR. Back and forth with TRNs from SZ2 to SZ1 and from UK to whichever grey or red space you like.

    The Allies don’t need new ICs. They need to manage a TRN system of INF, ART, ARM and FTRs into WEU or NOR, KAR, ARC.

    The US can abandon the Pacific because you can see any Japan move coming in plenty of time and as you are building your US INF and ART and ARM in WUS and then moving it to WCA and then to ECA and then to Europe and Africa. Now that may not always be the most expedient route but by turn 5 “the shuck” is going. The US needs TRNs in the Atlantic. Lots of TRNs. Now my outline isn’t very refined but it should give you some ideas.

    A move against the WUS is most often preceeded by a landing in WCA or Alaska. Easily counter-attacked and retaken. A move of a TRN into range of WUS usually ends up being a feint to land in WCA when US drops some new INF and ARM or a FTR or whatever into WUS.

  • @trihero:

    What would also help if if you tell us how your uncle manges his airforce and defense in W. Europe. Then I could tell you how fast you could/should be getting into Europe to help Russia survive.

    He leaves minimal men in W.Europe and S. Europe because he has overwhelming force the next turn to get it back so he realisticly don’t lose money. Me and my bro tried to land UK in Western E/ than fly 6 fighters(U.S) and some of their ground units to stop Germany from retaking it.

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