How do you know who controls the airfields?

  • How do you know who controls the airfields? I know there aren’t a lot of airfields and that it’s probably not that hard to keep track but still? I am missing something? I know that for islands you just place a control marker, but airfields can be controlled without controlling the island.

    I was thinking of just facing the airfields in a certain way (I.e. airstrip towards US vs airstrip towards Japan). But if there is another way then I would be glad to hear it.

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    Since the only way that you can control an airfield when you don’t control the island it’s on is when you lose control of the island but still have land units there, you can place one of your units that’s on the island on the airfield to indicate control. This could be a land unit if you have no air units on the island. In fact, you could make a habit of doing this all the time if you like, even if control of the island and airfield(s) isn’t split.

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    Why not put a country roundel on island that controls it and other country roundel on air strip if they still control ?

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    There are only enough (double sided) control markers for the islands included in the game. However, your solution would work if you have another A&A game that you could get control markers from.

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