Does anyone know if this game is still in print?

  • I can’t seem to find anywhere if this is still in print, I know I just started the same topic on Botb forum but I figure two posts might get quicker results. This game and Battle of the Bulge are extremely hard to find in new condition, and if you find one they charge a pretty penny for it. Did they discontinue this game? I can’t seem to find anywhere stating that they stopped printing either game. Thanks in advance.

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    This game is still in print, but Battle of the Bulge is not.

  • Okay thanks, ill have to keep my eyes peeled for a reasonably priced copy of GC

  • Is this a game worth buying? How long is game play on average?

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    I really do not like this one, Worsham. It has a different combat mechanic, which is hard to grasp and which puts me off playing.
    If you can pick it up cheaply, then do so, as I know you have an interest in the Pacific theatre. (I don’t .)
    But I would get Bulge and D-Day, first. I am sure your sons would like D-Day.

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    Is this a game worth buying? How long is game play on average?

    I rather enjoy this one. Most games were under three hours (it is some time since I’ve had opportunity to play.) It feels like it plays fast as one players moves his units of a particular type and then the other player moves those type units. So you don’t have those long stretches of waiting for your opponent to do something.

    As Wittmann points out the combat is a bit different. It is similar to Bulge in that units add a number of die to an attack pool but there isn’t a “hits that go to waste aspect” to it. It has reinforcement points instead of set charts like BOTB and D-day.

    Rulebook in PDF format.

  • This is a favorite of ours because it is a sea battle game mostly. Yes you are trying to take Islands but the land fighting always feels very secondary.

    also aircraft are not very powerful or dangerous against ships, you need to bring way to many aircraft to really harm ships, planes must first fight past CAP and then run a brutal gauntlet of AAA fire from the ships.

    Ships AAA fire at this period of the war was not that ferocious from either US or Japanese ships. Airstrikes usually got through and did pretty decent damage.

    The biggest thing we do is change the victory conditions, instead of Victory points we play until all the islands are controlled or some other requirement.

    With some tweeks and aggressive players this game has sweeping Sea battles, something no other A&A does at this scale.

    In order to gain VP’s from OOTB you really need to avoid losing capital ships and be a foreman of airfield construction and not an admiral in the solomon’s.

  • I personally like Guadalcanal most among all the Axis & Allies family of games.  The only down side for me is that it is a two-player game.

    These are the things I like most about the game:
    1. The game is balanced.  Unlike the rest of the family, it does not pigeon-hole the players into an Axis strategy or an Allies strategy which can be so predictable.
    2. The game has a relatively fixed timeline.  Rarely will a game go long.  You could make the game long, but this would be extremely rare due to the awarding of victory points each round.
    3. There is a more realistic application of damage to units.  The special dice box is an awesome concept.  (There is a better way to apply the randomness of the box by using colored dice, and a printout of the order given in the dice box.  This actually improves the roll outcomes to accurate randomness.  The box tends to hold the dice from rotating in all directions.)
    4. The map allows for land-sea combat.  This is very unique to this game.
    5. The game is fun, and this is the most important thing to me.

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