• In determining control of the island could a lone AA gun plus ships help you control the island, if not is the AA gun removed from the island?


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    An AA gun would allow your ships to exert their land attack power on the island.  Even if you lose control of the island, the AA gun would not be removed until it is attacked and destroyed.

  • Can AA guns capture an island (and airfields) if the island is otherwise empty but belong to the other player? I’m guessing they can, but reckon it’s a legit question.

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    Not by themselves, as they have no land attack power.  However, if there are friendly ships with land attack power in an adjacent sea zone, the AA gun will make them eligible to exert that power and capture the island.

  • Ok, so an empty (US) island on which the japanese land a single AA gun without backing it up with bombardment remains in US hands? Damn, then I missed out on one more INF on my last turn assault…

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