¿9 rouns for Allies and 10 for Axis?

  • Hello there, we have played D-day:
    with normal rules and all 3 cards, but I would like to know if we play correctly.
    FAQ READS “If the Allies do not have the three cities by the end of turn nine. is the game over? Or are they allowed to get them by turn ten and then have a final round to hold them? A. As they must hold the cities for a turn, if the Allies haven’t managed to take all three cities by turn nine, they have lost”.
    So It is considered that a city belongs to a side if it eliminates the opposing units, in this case if in turn 8 the allies take the cities, does the axis have 1 or 2 turns to retake them, or if it contested in 8 or 9, you still can make the allies an axis combats in round 9 or 10?
    Extra: with Tactic card 16 ¿the UK reinforcements selected, are those at the beginning of the table or those at the end?

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    The Axis doesn’t have to control the cities - it just has to keep the Allies from controlling them. So, for the Axis, having land units from both sides in a city is just as good as being in control of it. For example, if the Allies control the cities at the end of turn 8, but one of them is contested at the end of turn 9, the Allies can no longer win.

    Tactics card 16 returns destroyed units to the reinforcement card, so they go into their original slots. Since empty slots are at the beginning, they will always be selected for deployment before any units already on the card.

  • @Krieghund Nice, thanks. We played correctly them.
    ¿Do you use Dimensional Battlefield, oficial LHJ optional play?
    we make the cards, in paint, he, he, he
    11b.jpg 11a.jpg 09b.jpg 09a.jpg
    We not use the other two, Naval Bombardements or Attack or not attack, We believe that the first favors the allies and the second favors the axis. But we might be playing badly, those rules.

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    If one favors the Allies and the other favors the Axis, shouldn’t they balance each other out?

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    You would think. What hurts Allies is if they can’t land on beaches more than once and for axis killing planes with art.
    Most say game favors axis.
    I’ve been testing using a d8 die and so far
    Allies 4 to 1. Every allies win game down to getting 3rd city on t9. Only thing I have come across is axis art against planes. May increase number. By going to d8 or chance of rolling a 6 decrease with a d8 instead of a d6. This helps allies with less chance of landings on beaches. Plus an but increase in deployment but that goes both ways

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