Solution for tracking remaining air unit movement after combat

  • Tracking remaining movement points for air units is always challenging for my group. We do our best to remember and we usually do fine, but sometimes we forget and spend precious time trying to remember where every plane came from to calculate its remaining movement. So I got to thinking - why does this have to be so hard?  What can I do to solve this problem? So I ordered some yellow chips from HBG and made some numbered stickers to put on them.

    This way, we can just slip a chip under each plane or stack of planes that marks how many movement it has left after combat. We’re used to working with chips under units, so it’s pretty intuitive. They can stack right on top of the grey/red chips or slip right under a plane unit.

    I tried posting an image, but the forum won’t let me post links for some reason.

    What do you guys think? What methods do you use to track remaining aircraft movement?

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    Hi Ironwill,

    Keep posting, you will be allowed to put pictures.

    I saw some players using smaller D6 dice than regular for combat rolls, placing one near a given plane with number of move done. Since these are sold in every gaming store, it seems easier to implement.

  • Im currently using the air movement markers that came with 2004 revised. They are the same size as roundels but have #s printed on them. I am in the process of making custom roundels and in my searches have found cool square air movement markers going from 0-8 with fuel gauges. I’ve printed them out…just need to mount them on thick card stock. Same size as roundels. The link is somewhere in the forum. If your interested i can email the file to you or try to find and post OG thread.

  • The fuel gauge roundel do sound neat.  I’ve also got the 2004 Revised edition markers.  They just don’t have enough to mark all plane groups in all combats at once.

    I like my new chips even better because of how they’ll stack with the unit chips.  Plus the yellow provide high visibility.

  • Yay!  Finally able to post images!  I’ll try to get some pics of the flight chips in action to post soon.

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    Yay!  Finally able to post images!  I’ll try to get some pics of the flight chips in action to post soon.

    IronWill, HBG does sale fuel markers, but your yellow ones, definitely are more noticeable. 😄

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    Our group has actually used larger-than-normal dice for aircraft movement. They are printed with German-language translations for one through six.

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    I don’t recall which version of A&A they came with, but one of them came with little black roundels with a picture of a fighter and numbers 1-6 that are used for remaining movement.  Our group uses them for damage markers though.  When we’re making our combat moves we say where each plane will land so we all know ahead of time where they’ll end up if they survive.

  • Those are from 2004 revised.

  • @Wildcat6305:

    We use the army pieces from the 2008 RISK as movement trackers.
    I have seen a lot of people use the cities from this game as Industrial complexes and such.
    The army pieces are arrows with either 1 chevron or 3 chevrons. So when we move something we place the corresponding arrow piece. Once all the units movement points are spent we flip the arrow upside down.

    This is from a thread earlier this year on this topic.

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    There is a golf Tee system used by one of the players here in Toronto. Met him at YG’s Tourney this year. Pretty cheap. Two tees of the same colour. One goes in country of origin, and the other goes into the battle territory. Just need to paint a few sets of Tees different colours, or use ones that are already coloured. Worked out nicely. If they are small enough, they aren’t very intrusive at all.

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