Matching paints for AA OOB units

  • I’m sure this has been discussed and if so can someone point me to the thread and if not what Tamiya or testors paints do you use to match OOB colors? Thanks…

  • So I think I’ve narrowed down a few paints that match pretty close to OOB colors.
    UK: Rust-oleum Khaki from Home Depot
    Japan: Terra Cotta from Ace hardware
    USA : Olive drab from Testors.

    These both were spot on. I’m still trying out other paints from Tamiya for USSR and Germany.


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    I think the US color is Olive Drab #2 from testors

  • Although it’s more time consuming, I’ve been using acrylic paints because they’re cheaper. Here’s what I’ve been able to match so far:

    Apple Barrel brand (available at Walmart):
    Coffee Bean - Russia
    Barn Red - Maroon Russia/HBG Maroon (matches ok, not perfect)
    Lite Mocha - D-Day Blonde
    Khaki - UK G40/HBG Tan
    Milk Chocolate - Italy
    Christmas Green - HBG Dark Green
    Cool Blue - HBG Light Blue (ok match)
    Elephant Gray - HBG Light Gray
    Dark Gray - HBG Dark Gray
    Pewter Gray - Anzac
    Bright Blue - France
    Bright Red - Pacific 2001/HBG Red
    Sublime Lime - HBG Yellow Green

    For American Pieces I use Craft Smart’s Olive Green from Michaels

    I’m having trouble matching Celery Green (Revised UK), and the Classic Japan/HBG Yellow Gold. Anyone find something that works with them?

  • @JustLuthor

    Finally another guy using the cheap stuff.

    What are you using for China & Japan (1940)?
    Here’s what I am using:
    ANZAC - AB Khaki (not a OOB match)
    China - CS Spanish
    France - CS Blue (a bit dark vs OOB)
    Germany - CS Stormy Grey (not OOB match)
    Italy - CS Grey
    Japan - AB Nutmeg Brown + Deco Art Paprika
    Russia - CS French Wine
    UK - CS Golden Brown (khaki is a bit too light to match OOB IMHO)
    US - AP Ivy Green + CS Golden Brown

    AB = Apple Barrel
    CS = Craft Smart

    I was trying to standardize my commonwealth/allied countries, so grey shades for Germany & Italy (plus I prefer the Classic A&A grey), tan variations for UK & ANZAC, and green shades for US & China.

  • I should note that I have units from Classic, Revised Edition, 1941, & 1940 with some significant color variations. So in some cases I may be matching a different edition. So for example, I think the early UK units are darker than my 1940 versions explaining why I choose a darker color. Plus with the cheap paint, I worry that the color consistency is less consistent bottle to bottle.

    When I indicate A + B paint colors, I mix then 1 to 1.

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