United States Set from Historical Board Gaming!

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    Just having a little fun here.  Check out my US Task Force.

    Of course, if it were on the game board, it might look more like this.

    US Armada.JPG
    US Armada 2.JPG

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    Just having a little fun here.  Check out my US Task Force.

    Of course, if it were on the game board, it might look more like this.

    Chips ahoy! LOL Just taking a small CHIP shot at your humor.

  • Coach just keeps churning them out.

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    Great U.S. units Coach. Already have been using some of them in the Okinawa test.

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    Absolutely beautiful units.  All the equipment is certainly now a part of my game, and now you’re swaying me on the infantry as well…love the variety of sculpts.  I once thought I was going to keep only FMG infantry since they look great and offer two sculpts per country (and I want all of mine to be the same scale), but if I use the OOB infantry, sand down the base to the same thickness as yours, then I have a LOT more infantry to use.  As much as I love FMG’s, I may have to stick to OOB & HBG combined instead, and just use the FMG equipment.

    God, capitalism is a double-edged sword…choice means having to make some tough decisions sometimes - hahaha!  But thankful to have it!

    You guys BOTH make awesome pieces!

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    YES !

    Got my US supplement sets today. Some of them will participate in my set up for ’ The Invasion of Italy '.

    Can’t wait for the FMG’s ones and all the other supplements to come.

    J.  8-)

  • knp you might as well put the comparisons to all the infantries too

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    Okay, you asked for it.  Here is a couple of pics of all the different infantry choices available to us now.  In the second pic, I have separated them into four groups:  Rifle Infantry, Sub-Machine Gun Infantry, Flamethrower Infantry and Anti-Tank Infantry.

    These are just what’s available to us from WOTC, FMG and HBG.  This collection would be much bigger if I included all the infantry pieces from games like Xeno, The War Game, Attack, Past Axis & Allies games and who know what all more there are.  There are some WW2 games that I’ve heard of on this Forum but never even seen for myself.  Imagine taking infantry from all these games and throwing them into a game of Axis & Allies.  Although, it wouldn’t really work.  Some pieces from games like Xeno and Attack are rather crudely molded and poor in detail.  Others, from games like The War Game, are too big.  Still, it’s interesting how we have all these different pieces from so many different games.

    I have a sort of “sample” set started which has pieces from a number of different sources.  Mostly pieces from Axis & Allies games past and present, but I have some from Attack and Xeno.  I also have a copy of The War Game.  I know that my sample set is nowhere near complete and I’m not sure if it ever will be.  Some games and some pieces just aren’t made anymore.

    Infantry 1.JPG
    Infantry 2.JPG

  • You left out the Red “Russian” China piece from Axis and Allies Pacific.

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    Yeah, I know.  This is mostly what we currently have at our disposal from the most current games and sets.  However there is one exception;  In my US set I do have a quantity of the dark green Marine pieces from the old A&A Pacific game.  I also have some of the Hellcat fighters.  Just thought I might be using them in a game someday so I included them in my regular collection.  I guess that makes the US special in my collection since none of the other countries have those extra units.  Well, Germany does have some V-2 Rockets, but I haven’t used those yet either.

  • @HBG wow

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