• This is how the MAUS tank looked inside

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    That’s strange.  I have a technical manual on the MAUS that shows a similar cutaway, but the crew specifications in that drawing don’t concur with this one.  On the other hand, the drawing you posted suggests an interesting alternative explanation for why the MAUS prototypes performed so poorly on test drives; I always thought is was a deficient power-to-weight ratio, but I hadn’t realized that acute driver distraction might have been a factor.

  • …what can I say, you learn something new every day, man…

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    I believe those particular crews were some of the most “decorated” veterans of any campaign.

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    I knew that various WWII special forces carried daggers or stilettos, such as the famous Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, but the type of stiletto with which the above-shown, er, soldiers are equiped aren’t a particular weapon category with which I was previously familiar.  The closest equivalent I can think of is Betty Grable’s legs, photographs of which boosted the morale of American GIs in WWII to such an extent that they probably had a significant impact on the course of the war.  I think that at one point 20th Century Fox went so far as to insure her legs for 1 million IPCs…um, I mean dollars.

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