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    This topic is about to collect all good ideas about techs. I will update and expand this list according to any good ideas!

    Navy Tech

    1.  Advanced Submarines
    Your submarines are now advanced submarines. They attack and defend on a 3 and may not be attacked by enemy aircraft when alone or in company with other submarines only, unless an enemy destroyer is present.

    2.  Naval Air-Defense
    Your destroyers are now anti-aircraft platforms. Whenever an enemy air unit attack one of your destroyers, the destroyer fires during the Conduct Opening Fire step of combat. Roll one die for each attacking air unit (but only one destroyer in a sea zone can fire during the opening fire step, even if they are controlled by different powers). For every roll of 1, one attacking air unit is destroyed. This opening fire capability is for the first cycle of combat only and does not cancel the regular roll during the Defending Units Fire step.

    3.  Super Dreadnoughts
    Your Battleships are now super dreadnoughts. They roll two dice each in defens and attack, but still only a single die on shore bombardment.

    Land Tech

    1.  Rockets
    Your antiaircraft guns are now rocket launchers. In addition to their normal combat function, they can reduce enemy industrial production. From each territory, one antiaircraft gun may attack an industrial complex within 3 spaces. Roll one die for the rocket. The result of that roll is the number of IPC’s destroyed by that rocket. The maximum combined damage inflicted in one turn by all rocket attacks and strategic bombing raids on the same industrial complex is the territory’s income value. The opponent must surrender that many IPC’s to the bank (or as many as the player has, whichever is the lesser amount).

    2.  Heavy Artillery
    Your artillery are now heavy artillery. They attack on a 3.

    3.  Mechanized Infantry
    Your infantry are now mechanized. Each of your tanks give one matching infantry one additional movement allowance and an increased attack capability of 2 or less in the first cycle of combat only. Even if supported by artillery, their attack remains 2. The tank and the infantry unit must leave from the same territory.

    Air Tech

    1.  Long-Range Aircraft
    Your fighters are now long-range fighters, and your bombers are now long-range bombers. Your fighters´ range increases to 6. Your bombers´ range increases to 8.

    2.  Heavy Bombers
    Your bombers are now heavy bombers. They roll two dice each in an attack or strategic bombing raid (see Special Combats in Phase 4: Conduct Combat), but still only a single die on defense.

    3.  Jet Fighters
    Your fighters are now jet fighters. They are immune to AA fire and defend on a 5.

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    Sorry its Dreadnoughts (spelling).

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    What about;

    Heavy Tanks
    Your tanks are now heavy tanks. They defend on a 4.

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    Im not sure what these are. Are they new NA’s for revised? or a new list of items that you get as a tech roll? They look very similiar to your other ideas under NA’s…

    Heavy tanks would presumably be at 4/4/2/costing in the 7-8 range.

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    Im not sure what these are. Are they new NA’s for revised? or a new list of items that you get as a tech roll? …

    Tech roll it is!  :mrgreen:

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