Need some input on new unit att/def values

  • Regarding cost of Trucks (Road Transport):
    With Artillery costing 4 and Infantry costing 3….
    the combined cost of an SPG/Artillery-Tank (presumably a cost near 6, which is similar to the tank whose chassis it often shared) and a Mechanized Infantry (cost 4) should exceed the cost of the Artillery + Infantry + Truck.
    If not, and all other things are equal (hitting power of SPG at or near towed Artillery), the incentive to purchase Mech and SPG is diminished.

    In fact, wouldn’t it be another advantage of using Trucks that if you suffer Infantry casualties while winning the battle, you could still slide new, cheap Infantry into the group by transporting them in via Trucks?

    So, to make the SPG and Mech combo viable, the Truck should cost at least 3. However, reasoning that Trucks cost more than (or even as much as) Mech Infantry seems a hard sell to me.

    Therefore, I may keep the costs of the two combinations equal, and go with this:
    Artillery Tank (SPG) cost 6 / att 2 / def 3 / move 2
    Truck cost 3 / att 0 / def 0 / move 2 / can transport one Infantry and/or one Artillery / may NOT move into any territory more than 2 spaces beyond an IC owned by any player (limiting their range).

  • Perhaps, to make trucks a bit more vulnerable, is make trucks susceptible to raids from enemy fighters and tac bombers. That way, there would be a way to counter the use of trucks, and force players to use them more sparingly. This would make sure that tanks are still being purchased. It might even be enough to eliminate mechanized all together as well.

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