New Piece: Conscription Center

  • Conscription Center (Infrastructure)
    Cost: 4 IPCs

    Place Conscription Center in any territory without an Industrial Complex. If an Industrial Complex is built on this territory, destroy Conscription Center.

    At the beginning of every ‘Build Units’ phase, place a Conscript token in this territory.

    Conscript = A0 / D1 / M1* (* can only move if accompanied by another non-conscript land unit on a 1:1 basis)

    Would you purchase this new unit?

    Under what circumstances, for which nations, and in which territories?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I could see the russians buying something like this near each factory territory.

    Simply because it’s a free hit soak.

    It could also come in handy in some area’s like South East Asia for Japan, and North Africa for the Germans.

    I would still use them on attack.  Again, for the hit soak.

    You could also go NUTS as Germany, and build llike 10 of these in Europe, as early as possible.  You’d be getting 10 free hit soaks per turn.  Definetely room for explotation.

  • I think for Japan (japan recrutied EVERYONE into the army near the planned “Operation Downfall”) Russia (obiously they had conscripts) Germany (people militia and homguard) and the British (only in Pacific and Africa for colonial forces). Needs some refining but it could work.

  • I think for simplicity’s sake, the following tweak could be made:

    Conscription Center (Infrastructure: Attack = 0 / Defense = 0 / Move = 0)
    Cost: 4 IPCs

    Conscription Center can be placed in any territory with an IPC value of 1 or less during your Place Units phase, including islands.

    If Conscription Center has been under your control since the beginning of the turn, you may place one infantry you purchased this turn on this territory during your Place Units phase.

    This modification removes references to a unit that doesn’t already exist in the game, which saves confusion.

    It also opens up the tree of potential strategies available to players dramatically, since every territory in the game can now potentially become a gateway for new troops…

  • i like it make’s version, might implement the rule for me next play through

  • Awesome idea!  How about this:

    Conscription Center facility
    Cost: equal to the IPC value of the territory where it is placed.

    A Conscription Center can be built in any non-island territory with an IPC value of 2 or more that does not have an Industrial Complex.  The Conscription Center is destroyed if the territory is captured by an enemy power.

    A Conscription Center can mobilize conscript units (attack 0, defense 1, move 0, cost $1).  The number of conscripts that may be mobilized each turn is equal to the IPC value of the territory.  A conscript unit consists of a gray chip placed under the Conscription Center piece.  The maximum number of conscripts that a Conscription Center may have is equal to 2 times the IPC value of the territory.  If an Industrial Complex is built in a territory that already has a Conscription Center, no more conscripts may be mobilized there.

    So for example a Conscription Center in Poland or Rostov would cost $2 to build, plus another $4 to fill up over the next 2 turns.  Those 4 hit soakers would cost a grand total of $6, or half as much as infantry but they only defend on a 1 and can’t attack or move.

    You could probably use something like red Monopoly hotels as conscription centers.

  • '16 '15 '14 Customizer

    Wouldn’t this slow down the game significantly? And linking the amount of conscripts to the economic value of the territory does not make sense to me. China should be able to make tons of conscripts with its population but doesn’t have a lot of industrial strength.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    What they are getting at is the respective VALUE of conscripts.

    Chinese “soldiers” without rifles, equipment, or even food, do not equate with American GI’s for example.

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