My new house rules…for AA Pacific

    1. Sea zone 5 will stop at the canadian border, canada is now connected to sea zone 12?(board not in front of me sorry) the one with the convoy$. Canada is now worth 5$ for the US, which is taken off of the US 55$. Alutian Islands is now worth 1$, also taken off the 55$ in the US.

    2. The US Convoy in sea zone 3 is now split into two convoys, one 5$ in sea zone 3 and one 5$ in sea zone 8?Below Hawaii.

    3. Hawaii is restricted to building two units max!

    4. Bombing runs are changed to the newer rules with damage counters, with twice the territory number being the maximum damage. Allowing a max of one VP and 10$ damage to japan per power. Japan/India/NSW are restricted build if they have any counters, 1 counter = 4 units built max, 4 counters = 1unit built max, 5+ counters = no build, no counters = unlimited. Hawaii and new factories are treated like normal factories from AA1942.

    5. India starts the game with one extra “Indian” infantry and gains one in each place new units phase, these infantry cannot move or be loaded.

    6. If not bidding the VP minimum is 24 to win.
      6b) Japan cannot build more than 3 submarines on any turn…(Im still debating this)

    I know the Hawaii thing seems harsh but it adds a ton of options in the US/Japan early conflict and it is still impossible to do a full-scale direct assault on Austrailia3 without some sort of fake to india trickery or a major allied screw up.

    If my rules don’t improve your game…you can have your money back.

  • Well! Do not tell fairy tales!

  • Customizer

    I really like limiting the Hawaii IC to two units max build.  I can understand the US getting an IC on Hawaii, but I always thought it was ludicrous that it had unlimited build.
    The India getting an extra infantry each turn can make it pretty hard for Japan to take India.  That’s an interesting rule that those free infantry can not be moved.  So basically, those are strictly for defense of India.  That might be an interesting rule to incorporate for all capitals, and even in other games as well.  Ever play a game of A&A and mistakenly left your captial undefended?  Now you would always at least have some infantry there.
    I am wondering about Rule #6b.  Why would you not let Japan build more than 3 subs per turn?  I take it that applys ONLY to building new subs, right?  Japan is allowed to have more than three subs on the board, right?

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