Adding the 4th Marine Regiment & Yangtze River Patrol to A&A Pacific 1940.

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    Just got my very first copy of Axis & Allies Pacific 1940, Second Edition (which by the way is AWESOME!) and have a question for some of you out there, I was looking at the map and was thinking, since this is 1940 and War has not yet been declared with the United States and the Empire of Japan (by the rule book) would it be possible to place a US Marine counter w/chip in the Kiangsu Province of China (to represent the two battalions of the 4th Marine Regiment (The old “China Marines”) that were actually stationed in Shanghai, China until November, 1941) as well as a Gunboat counter w/four chips to represent the five U.S. Navy Gunboats of the famous Yangtze River Patrol?. Was thinking of adding these two to the game map (as “House Rules”) but would like to get some feed back on this first.

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    Hi Steve

    So the marines would be the same as a infantry unit but the gunboats would be a new unit with different abilities ?

  • What happens if Japan does a turn 1 declaration of war? Immediate Combat? And can the US move these units into China, or out to sea? Can the US move its Navy into the neighboring sea zone, or does the “no ending next to a japan-occupied territory” rule still apply?

    Also, are the Marine and gunboat units different units from the out of box units?

    These questions must be answered before I can give an assessment of this house rule.

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    [Copied from my post in your other thread on this subject, located here:]

    Depicting a single regiment would be problematic in terms of game scale.  In general terms, a game on the scale of Global 1940 represents (admittedly in very abstract terms) the actions of units that are mostly the size of army groups and fleets – and, furthermore, of army groups and fleets which have no specific identity other than their nationality.  It would be hard to justify saying that one particular regiment-sized unit, with a specific name, ought to be added to the game; by that rationale, there are hundreds of other regiments that could be added too.

    The obvious exception to the above principle is the single fighter which represents the Flying Tiger squadron in China…so it’s not an ironclad rule that units smaller than army groups and fleets are never represented in the game.  It can be argued, however, that the Flying Tigers are a special case because of their high profile, and because in the game China lacks aviation forces of its own.  China doesn’t lack infantry, however, so adding a USMC unit doesn’t bring anything distinctive to China’s forces.

    Additionally, Global 1940 has no rules that govern riverine operations – which is understandable, because the game map doesn’t depict any rivers.  Even the Saint Lawrence, which is huge in real life, isn’t depicted: on the map, it looks like a strip of land.  There are a few lakes depicted, plus a few canals and narrow straights, but no rivers.  So a river patrol unit in China would literally have nowhere to go.

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