Minor Axis & Allied Powers

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    the oil Borneo and Indies had large oil reserves

  • Then why don’t Trans-Jordan and Persia get jacked right up on oil?

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    India has always been badly treated on A&A maps.

    People know very little about the country, so cannot adequately divide it up into territories, and just lump it into one huge area.  I’ve even seen WWII boards containing such nonesense as “Pakistan” and “Bangladesh”, which didn’t exist until after the war.  And Delhi was the capital of India, not Calcutta (which lost this status in 1911).  This is fortunate, as Delhi can be placed in a central area with a “buffer” Bengal territory between it and Burma.

  • I know, I just read up on the military history of various nations to get a vague idea of Canadian placement in terms of this… turns out India lost more people than Great Britain! They had a standing army of 2 500 000 by the end of the war!

  • Hi i was wondering if you could update your map a little here : http://www.axisandallies.org/forums/index.php?topic=12841.15
    too add just a little bit more of realism XD

    Let me know what you think lol

    For players aid :

    1. add in cruiser ship for the purchase chart

    2. add in neutral deploy unit symbols on the map (just for neutrals)

    To add a bit more realism :

    1. make japan into 4 areas :

    “The four largest islands are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku, together accounting for 97% of Japan’s land area.”


    1. Gibraltar : who ever controls this can pass through between there and Morocco

    3)  Denmark : who ever controls it can pass through sea zone 18

    1. Norway : who ever controls it can pass through sea zone 17

    2. Maylay : who ever controls it pass through sea zone 70

    3. add in polisti (the main oil production for Germany , inside Romania) for Romania as a victory city

    4. Change name of Cairo to Egypt : and make Cairo a victory city inside it

    5. add Portugal beside Spain as neutral (will join axis if attack) and Azores belong to them too

    6. Iraq was actually pro axis , so at least make it neutral (join axis if under attack)

    7. add in whales for mainland England

    8. add in northern Ireland as England controlled separating from Eire

    12 ) add in Belgian at where it was

    1. add in Cherbourg at western France as victory city

    2. Split Yugoslavia into two half  , the inner land first half still remains Yugoslavia (inner land) or as Croatia  as German control, All the shore areas are into one new area (maybe something like Italian owned Yugoslavia) this area connects mainland Italy and Greece / Albania together

    3. add port in Vladivostok

    4. add Soviet convoy at sea zone 134

    5. add German convoy at sea zone 18 (all the Sweden minerals are imported there)

    6. add British convoy in sea zone 64 (Suez was the most important supply line for Africa)

    7. Argentina would turn axis if under attack ( they were pro axis at the time )

    8. Brazil would turn allies if under attack (pro US they were)

  • whitewolfmxc,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Regarding the map edits/changes:  All I have is the PDF version, not the original file to edit, so I can’t make any changes.  The map is the creation of a long Postronica/DeathsHead thread under the Variants forum.  I beleive the original file “died” when Postronica dropped the project after some frustration.  DeathsHead ressurected the project which resulted in the map I posted.  I simply pulled their map and created the set up/rules to incorporate Axis/Allied Minors.  Their map is great because of the extra territories to make the Minor powers actually playable.

    Of course, the rules you note reagrding territory ownership and sea passage can be easily incorporated (i.e. control Gibraltar and your forces can pass between their and Morocco…).  I actually use some of them in my version of the game, but I didn’t actually add them to the official rules I posted.

    So basically the following numbers you noted below could be added to the rules using the current map version: #2, 3, 4, 5, 19, 20.  I beleive all you other recomendations would require revisions to the map which I don’t have access to…

  • So nobody has the original map files ? >< humm , so its just impossible to change the map layout then……

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    I am going to try this map with country roundels.

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    has anyone played this through with the AA50 map?
    How did it work?

  • I want to try it but I dont have any ideas for a turn order…

  • Any after action reports on this version?

    I played 2 more games recently, using the latest version of the rules in this post.  The game flows a little better and Commonwealth/UK IPCs are more balanced now.  As I noted in this post, rules are very playable and don’t add too much game time.

    One area I am still looking to revise is Vichy France.  Currently, they receive 3 IPCs per round.  Per the rules, they cannot attack/only defend, so they sort of end up piling up forces (usually an infantry each round), unless attacked.  Vichy still serves as a kind of “block” for the Allies early in the game.  Allowing German/Italian forces to reside in some North African Vichy territories also expands Vichy play soemwhat.  I’ll keep working some ideas and post a revision…

    I’m also working through a version that could work with AA50.  This is a little tougher given there are fewer territories.  I’ll post something soon.

    Of course AAP40/AAE40/Global may offer a whole new range of options for Minor A&A Powers!

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    I am interested in the game. I am painting up all the Axis minor countries as well as expanding the canadian, Australian etc .
    I have not played that version yet but have the map and rules printed.

  • Based on some additional game play, here is a revision regarding the rules for Vichy France:

    • They collect no income (verusus collecting a fixed 3 IPCs each round in previous rule versions).

    This solves the stock piling of 1 Infantry per round based on collecting 3 IPCs, especially if the Allied plan is to avoid attacking Vichy territories.  Vichy France still continues serving as a “blockade” against Allied attacks, because Vichy French units can only defend, they cannot attack.  So if Allied forces want to attack through North Africa or mainland Vichy France, they now have to deal with Vichy forces (which could possibly have German/Italian defensive units positioned in these territories as well).

    In addition, this forces the Axis player for Germany (and Italy in North Africa) to have to consider whether they should bolster Vichy territories with their own units, since Vichy will collect no income and not be able to add any of their own units to their defenses.  Whether or not the Axis player builds up Vichy defenses with their own forces could sway the Allies decision of whether to attack Vichy territories and gain a foothold position in Africa or mainland Europe.

    Feel free to add any comments/thoughts.

  • Working on revised set up charts for this variant that take into account the new AAP40 rule introductions including:

    • Revising Mech Infantry stats/capabilites
    • Tac Bomber
    • Revised China Rules
    • Updated Unit costs and stats
    • Captial Ships
    • The addition of the ANZAC pewter color units allow for clear distinction between UK (use AA50 UK units); ANZAC (use ANZAC AAP40 units) and India (Use light green UK units from revised edition)

    I will post the updates when ready.

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    Working on revised set up charts for this variant that take into account the new AAP40 rule introductions including:

    • Revising Mech Infantry stats/capabilites
    • Tac Bomber
    • Revised China Rules
    • Updated Unit costs and stats
    • Captial Ships
    • The addition of the ANZAC pewter color units allow for clear distinction between UK (use AA50 UK units); ANZAC (use ANZAC AAP40 units) and India (Use light green UK units from revised edition)

    I will post the updates when ready.

    How are the charts coming?

  • bump -

    The set up charts and rules in thsi post string are for the Deaths Head Map located under the Variants string.

  • Here is an updated version of the Rule Set (using DeathsHead Map):


    • Germany receives posted IPC value for each Minor Axis territory (as in standard game play); provided it has not been conquered by an Allied army.

    • Germany is not required to have any units in these territories to collect the IPC value (as in standard game play).

    • If the Minor Axis territory is conquered by an Allied army, Germany no longer collects this income value (as in standard game play).

    • If Finland, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria are conquered by an Allied power, these Minor Axis powers no longer have the ability to collect their IPCs or field military units, regardless of whether these territories are retaken by the Axis. If their capital country is conquered, then any stand alone units for these countries are removed from the board; essentially surrendering.  If these countries have units in territories that also contain German units, then they remain on the board.

    • Minor Axis powers collect a fixed IPC amount at the end of their turn, regardless of whether they conquered any Allied territories.  Vichy France collects no income.

    • Increase in IPC value for territories conquered by Minor Axis powers are applied to Germany only. This is true whether the Minor Axis power conquered the territory by itself or in conjunction with German units.

    • Minor Axis IPCs cannot be shared with other Minor Axis powers or with Germany.

    • Minor Axis powers must always leave at least 1 unit in their capital nation at the end of their turn.  In the case of Vichy France, this includes the territories labeled “Vichy France” and “Tunisia”.

    • Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria must always have a direct supply line back to their capital nation at at the end of their turn.  This rule does not apply to Vichy France.

    • Some units are not eligible for purchase by Minor Axis powers as noted in the set up charts (blacked out). Minor Axis powers cannot build Industrial Complexes.

    • New units for Finland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are always placed in the Minor Axis Power’s capital country.

    • Vichy French units may only defend, they may never attack.  Vichy French units can move to other Vichy occupied territories (Vichy France; Tunisia, Morocco, Northern Algeria, Algeria; West Africa and French West Africa).

    • German units may move through and end turns in any Vichy French territories.  Italian units may move through and end turns in Vichy French territories in North Africa  Italian units may pass through but not end turns in Vichy France.

    • If North Africa is cleared of Axis forces (German/Italian), any remaining Vichy French units in Africa become Free French Units and are controlled by the UK player.

    • German Oil: Romania represents German controlled oil reserves.  If Allied forces take this territory, the IPCs are paid to the conquering Allied nation.

    • All Minor Axis units can be combined with German units to gain attack/defense bonuses.  For example, Bulgarian Artillery would provide the +1 to Attack bonus for German infantry.  Italian units can only be combined with Vichy French units in North Africa, not any of the other Minor Axis powers.  German transports can transport any Minor Axis units and
      vice versa.  Italian transports may only transport Vichy French units.


    • Minor Allied powers operate as stand alone nations.  They can build all unit types, including ICs.

    • The IPCs for UK, Canada, ANZAC & India must be managed individually.

    • Industrial Complex in Calcutta (India) and New South Wales (ANZAC) are permitted a maximum placement of 3 & 2 new units respectively (labeled IPC value limit).  Industrial Complex in Quebec (Canada) is permitted a maximum of 1 new unit (labeled IPC value limit).

    • Except for the Convoy IPC sharing listed below, the IPCs must be used by their respective nation.  IPCs cannot be shared between UK and Minor Allied powers.

    • The 9 IPCS linked to the (4) British convoys located in the Indian and Pacific oceans
      can be allocated to either India or Australia as deemed by the UK player. The 3 IPCs
      linked to the British Convoy located near New Foundland can be allocated to Canada as
      deemed by the UK player.  The UK player can make this decision at the end of each round, during
      the Collect Income phase.

    • During the Mobilize New Unit phase, the UK player may place 1 unit each in either Calcutta (India), New South
      Wales (ANZAC), or Quebec (Canada).  This is in addition to the amount permitted by India, Australia
      and Canada.

    • If a single Minor Allied power attacks and conquers an Axis territory, then the IPCs are applied directly to that Minor
      Allied power.  When an attack against an Axis territory is conducted by multiple Minor Allied forces, the UK
      player must announce during the combat move phase which Minor Allied power is the “lead” attacker.
      This “lead” attacker receives the IPCs if the attack is successful and the territory is conquered.

    • Free French collect no income.  Any conquests by Free French troops are added to the UK players IPC value.

    • Each time Western France, France or Vichy France are liberated by an Allied nation and held for 1 complete round,
      place 2 Infantry as Free French Units in that territory during the UK player’s non-combat movement phase.

    • Mid-East Oil: Trans-Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Tehran and Iran represent Allied controlled oil reserves.  If the
      Axis forces take these territories, the IPCs are paid to the conquering Axis nation from the Allies directly.  The Allies
      can choose who pays the IPCs (either UK or U.S., but not the Soviet Union).

    • Pacific Oil: Java, Borneo & Sumatra represent UK controlled oil reserves.  If the Axis forces take these territories,
      the IPCs are paid to the conquering Axis nation from the UK player directly.  The UK player can choose who pays
      the IPCs (UK, ANZAC, India or Canada).  IPCs can be used from more than one of these powers to cover the payment.

    • Russian Oil: Caucasus & Western Kazakh represent Russian controlled oil reserves.  If the Axis forces take this territory, the IPCs are paid to Germany from Russia directly.

    • Use AAP40 China Rules.  The following territories can be controlled (collect income) buy China: Shantung;  Shansi & Peking.  The following territories can be occupied but not controlled by China: Hong Kong & Burma.

  • Here is a link to the Set Up Charts; Rules and the Map (which prints fine in ~3’ x 6’ size for game play in this format).

    Japan, ANZAC, India and US have been modified with Tactical Bomber setup (based on review of AAP40).  Costs and Att/Def have also been modified.


    Welcome any comments.

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    Just played our third time. Axis wins again!

    Check out the Youtube video!

    I have a couple questions for the ones who play this variation.
    1. Do the fortresses become too powerful in this game.
    Rolling two extra dice and every Infantry unit bumps up to a three in defence every turn kills any offensive.
    (I was thinking it should be only first round, then all units defend back at thiet original numbers.

    2. The mobile Infantry states cost is 4 Attack/defend 2(3)/2 when paired with artillery.
    This unit becomes too powerful.

    3. Does Vichy French ships have to stay ajacent to their countries or can they go elsewhere unlike the land units who are tied down.

    4. Do the Axis Minors have to leave a unit at their end of thier turn in home country (Does this mean purchased at end of turn or always leave on unit in thier home country at all times?)

    5. Do you think the Japanes start with too many planes?

    6. Do you think the Germans start with too many subs?

    7. Which rule are we using for the Chinese? 9 IPC’s per the numbers on the countries?
    Count the countries they own and divide by two and add men wherever or on a certain country.
    They seem too weak, always get wipes out.

    8. Are Japan and Russia at war or is there a non-aggression pact?

    Any comments are welcome.

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    yea Britain liked to fight these wars to the last drop of her colonial allies blood. :mrgreen:

  • I really like your idea.  😄

  • Will post a version of this game which combines AAG40 map and Larry’s Alpha rules with DeathsHead set up.  I’ll try to upload some pics of the set up.

  • Attached is v1.9 which is designed as a 1941 variant with Minors to be played on the AA40 Global Map.

    • Set Up Charts & Income Chart have been updated to fit the AA40 Global Map, and take into account territory ownership as of 1941.
    • National Objectives have been added from LH’s Alpha+ (only those that would be applicable for 1941 and based on the current set up). Note: Russia and Japan do not start this variant at war.
    • National Advantages (just a few!) have been added (these are pulled from many other variants over the years).
    • Oil rules are included in this version, but adapted to the AA40 Global Map.
    • Minor Axis rules are included in this version, including Vichy France.
    • Minor Allies Rules are included.  Major variancnce from the AAG40 is that UK Pacific is managed as a separate power (like ANZAC) and Canada is it’s own power.  UK Europe controls Free French units.
    • Otherwise, AAG40 rules are used for gameplay.

    I have not yet playtested, but will be doing so soon (So there may be some bugs…).

    If anyone plays this version, please post your feedback and suggestions.

    In the past, I have use MB AA and The War Game to gather units for the additonal Minors.  But now you can go to coachofmany’s web site and get painted units and roundels for all of the nations used in this version.

    AA40G Conversion Set Up for Minor Powers v1.9 Dec 10.xls

    • Correction to the attached chart:  There should not be a fortification in Alexandria for UK Europe set up.


    I am creating a revised verison 2.0 for AAG40 board (1941 timeframe) which will incl;ude the following updates

    • Alpha+.2 updates (Factory, AA Gun and Naval/Air base set up) (National Advantages that are applicable for '41), (etc.)

    • Add African Colonies as part of the UK Minors.  This will add some small set up additiona in North and East Afrcia to make it relavant.  These units are avaiable at coachofmany’s site!

    • Set up edits to the North African theatre (Germany, Italy and UK, UK Minors)

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