Stack restrictions idea

  • This would only affect ground units.  Not aircraft.  Not naval units, but perhaps a naval ship variant is in order.

    1.  How about each territory gets to support 3x the land value of ground units in dice for each round of battle.

    2.  Unsupported ground units do not roll in the given round of battle, but they can become reinforcements in following rounds of battle as units are lost.

    3.  Infantry need to start from the territory of support.  Armor can pass through a territory of support on the way to battle.  Amphib units are supported by the territory where they load on the transport.

    4.  Territories w/ and industrial complex can field double.

    5.  This applies to attack and defense.

    So Kar has a value of 3 and an IC.  It should be able to support 18 ground units and unlimited air units in attack and defense per round of dice combat.

  • I , no offence think your idea is


    , it is completely stupid.  It completely undermines any geographical reality.

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    forget about stacking limitations… think manpower limitations… but balance both axis and allies equal, while adjusting for historical differences Soviet and German army large… UK army small etc…also allow either side to retreat.

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