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    hi @sergeant-cutter welcome to the site. Cool ideas. Sounds fun. I think on your third idea that 30 bucks is too much and you wouldn’t see any J1 attacks. I’d try it much smaller. Maybe 10 rd1 and 5 rd 2. If that doesn’t work, you could try 15, 10, 5 or 15, 10, 0. You’ll just have to play around with it.

    In case you’re not aware of it, triplea allows you to play digitally. This is great for playtesting even if you only/mostly play ftf, as it saves considerable time to rerun scenarios over and over.


    Ahh yea … you’re familiar with BM so you’ll be familiar with triplea then : )

  • @sergeant-cutter

    Hi Sergeant,

    Your ideas seem easy to implement in the OOB game - and if I understand you correctly, you already use these rules.

    I agree with barnee, that the IPC bonus for USA and USSR if attacked R1 might need some adjustment.

    Play testing is the only way to find out what works best.

    You might find inspiration in the Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion in your efforts on balancing the OOB game.

    The Axis & Allies Global 1940 House Rules Expansion not only eliminates the unbalance - it also brings another dimension to the Global 1940 game.

  • Thank you for the feedback. That is a good point where the decreasing bid would penalize the first turn strike too much. Do you think 20 IPC for turn one and 10 IPC for turn two would be better balanced?

    @barnee I have not played AAA but have heard good things about it.

    @The-Captain that is an impressive set of rules and very well presented. It is a lot to implement all at once but I imagine it makes for a fun game. I gave the Rule set a quick read but will have to give it a more thorough examination later.

  • @sergeant-cutter said in Global 1940 Balance Idea:

    Do you think 20 IPC for turn one and 10 IPC for turn two would be better balanced?

    yea Idk. You’d just have to game it out. The expert players here play with an overall bid much higher than that but little if any goes to USA usually, so Idk how having it all go to one player would affect things differently.

    Plus you’ve got the other rules too so … :)

    Yea i thought you would be familiar with triplea as that’s how BM was designed. Anyway, as I said above, it’s great for playtesting even if you play on the real board.

  • @barnee on triplea, are you able to edit the existing map with these “balance” house rules? To make the game more random instead of penalizing, I am using the DK research chart (with my own adjustments including there is a fixed research dice income for majors and minors Majors include: Germany, Italy, Soviet, US, Europe UK, and Japan France and China do not get a research die and the rest (minors) only get 1 research die while the majors get 2 (but they can only research one per turn during the research stage)

    There are also “Copy Cards” that cost 5 IPC’s each and if you want to, you can save them up and when you use them, (Research phase starts at the beginning of each round) if you roll a 6 you can copy any player’s research for a round. In the rules with the “Super Subs Technology” I felt like it was too OP so I decreased the attack to just @2 and defense @2 so it’s not crazy.

  • @barnee I also got rid of convoy raiding as I felt making subs less powerful and making cruisers a little better to buy:sweat_smile: definitely not because we can’t keep track of them


    But now I am going to add the Iberian Union as a playable nation soon (yes) But ATM I can’t work on the rules for it I will need to playtest it on TripleA but I donty know how to program that so :laughing: more “fun” for me

  • @all-encompassing-goose yea it could probably do most of it. You could then use edit for the rest. It would require a major rewrite or at least a significant one.

    Years ago I had added a lot of DKs techs and his tech system but my old machine fried and I lost most of it.

    Anyway here’s a couple things to get you started. pact_of_steel_2.xml

    http://www.starlords3k.com/XOB.html and here’s the map making triplea one https://forums.triplea-game.org/category/28/map-making

    Just start with small changes. It’s a challenging process or at least it was/is for me.

  • @barnee Very helpful tools, thank you lots!! :smile:

    Have a good day/night

  • @sergeant-cutter

    Hello! Just wondering if you’re the same Sgt Cutter who used to play and design maps for the Lucasarts game Outlaws?

  • @runaway_jim

    I am of no relation to him. Likely just a similar appreciation of the movie Gunga Din.

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