GenCon So Cal 2005 Convention: Axis & Allies Miniatures

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    GenCon So Cal is a 4 day gaming convention in Southern California
    Dates: Thursday, Nov. 17, 2005
    Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA

    Axis & Allies Miniatures events:
    Axis and Allies Miniatures 100-point Constructed
    Axis and Allies Miniatures League
    Axis and Allies Miniatures 80-point Sealed

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    Anybody going to GenCon SoCal in Anaheim, CA next week?

  • I am… Ill be demo’ing some of my games and others Including Bulge, Kursk, World War two: Struggle for Europe and Asia,War in the East, and playing world war two: the game. I dont plan on AA miniatures because after all i allready own all 5 seasons of Combat! which is basically the same thing minus the dice rolling. Besides AA miniatures is a marketing campaign to trick people in buying worthless craps of plastic and call them collectible, like that lame card game i wont mention. I might as well start buying pogs and get suckered into that as well… And now a word from Avalon Hill.

    axis and allies miniatures was not created from Larry Harris is  only “Axis and Allies” in name only, because Avalon Hill owns the rights and collectible games with plastic tanks should not artificially create less plastic pieces of different types just to drive up the price. thank you :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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    Wow, okay.

    Of course Axis & Allies miniatures has nothing to do with the boardgame and Larry Harris. And yes it is a collectible game.

    On the other hand the game has a great battle system and is very accessible to a wide range of players. From occasional gamers like myself to even hardcore boardgamers.

    Yes, having it be collectible is a drawback at first glance but it’s also what helps drive the community to keep interest in the game. Just look at games like Magic and HeroClix as compared to specific boardgames. Any night of the week I can find a Magic or HeroClix game but it can take days if not weeks to find an A&A game.

    You can actually even play economically. If you study the rules and the pieces and wait for 1-2 weeks after each A&A Minis release, you can spend about the same amount of money on the exact pieces you want for your armies as you would on a boardgame. You can trade away the pieces you no longer use or want and the the pieces you prefer to have instead. If you’re clever and patient, you can keep your costs very low. If you are enterprising, you can even finance your entire collection by buying in bulk and selling pieces on eBay.

    BTW, any toy could be considered a worthless hunk of crap. In fact each set of A&A contains many worthless pieces of crap. But when you combine it with rules and other players, it become entertainment and a fun social activity.

    I think it’s a fun collectible game and the Axis & Allies logo was a great way to foster interest in the game. Just like the computer game that was nothing like the boardgame but it was a great marketing tool not only for the computer game but also vice versa.

    On the other hand, I am a little bummed that there are no A&A boardgame events scheduled at GenCon.

    Hmm, can you tell I like the game? :-)

    Anyway, on Friday I’ll be wearing my Axis & t-shirt. Where will you be setup? Maybe we can debate in person about A&A Minis  :-D.

  • Anyway, on Friday I’ll be wearing my Axis & t-shirt. Where will you be setup? Maybe we can debate in person about A&A Mini

    I will find you and try out the game. Perhaps i can be even converted. BTW i will be playing my games by Jeff Steins “World War Two: The Game” and BTW i helped design that board as well and play test it. I also invite you to play my games with my crew. I will be there all 4 days, but as i stated i will make time for AA miniatures. At the very least we will have some understanding and share notes. I look forward to seeing you.

  • thats what i did, i bought on starter pack, i liked the game so i waited until i could buy individual pieces on line, i now have at least 3 of everything. it is a fun game, one that will keep changing with every new set they put out.

  • This was my first GenCon and I had a blast. I didn’t get to play many AAM games since I chickened out on joining the tournies (sealed & constructed) but had fun playing league. Big thanks to David for playing against me at about 8am on Friday morning and helping me learn the game at the same time (since it was my first game ever).

    I was heartened to see that a lot of the AAM players at the con were also just learning. I did pick up a Set II booster and got some nice additions to my Russian army. I already signed up for the 4-day pass for $35 for next year so I should get more than just four games played in the league next time.

    All of the AAM players were really nice and we all helped each other out. The rest of my friends (including Jamie who flew out from Connecticut) are all D&D minis players so I found myself explaining AAM to them. My short version is “it’s like a cross between D&D minis and Squad Leader” which while not 100% accurate is good enough for a one sentence synopsis. I look forward to the AAM mod for Vassal and I’m sure I’m going to learn D&D minis on Vassal soon as well.

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    Hey there Doppelbock! Good to hear from you and I’m glad you enjoyed playing at GenCon and good to see you on the site here.

    It was actually my first gaming convention and I thought it was a good time. I’ll defintely be back next year.

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