A&A style American Revolution game?

  • Like the rumored American Civil War game, this probably wouldn’t interest non-Americans much (but maybe you can get the Brits and French to play), but I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

    For the powers, you could have:
    1. Revolutionaries
    2. Loyalists
    3. British
    4. French

    and maybe Native Americans or Hessians as well.

    You might run into trouble with the units… “Infantry, cavalry, or artillery? There’s too many choices!” (And Naval, but we all know there’s not gonna be a real battle for the Atlantic, until France enters the war on turn 15)

    I’d opt for a A&A 1914 approach to the fighting, but maybe someone has a better idea.

    Just my thoughts.

  • Hmm…I’m wondering if Baron von Steuben’s training of the Continental Army would count as a tech upgrade?

    All kidding aside, I imagine that such a game would need to be scaled like one of the regional A&A games rather than the global ones…say, roughly along the lines of the original A&A Europe game.  It would probably look like the reverse of A&A 1914, with the North American continent occupying about half the board, a small representation of western Europe over on the right side of the map, and the Atlantic and Caribbean in between.

  • I think the issue with this is there aren’t really a lot of “pitched battles” in the Revolution. I think this would need to be more on the lines of the AH “Battlecry” or DOW’s “Memoir '44” based on the commands and colors “engine.”

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