Games other than A&A (Blasphemy, I know)

  • "Moses’s sister, you are back in time to hear Moses talking crap about you (naieve extremist, to paraphrase him)

    Oh really? Don’t worry, he does talk a lot of ill feelings with those we are around with. I just hope anything he said wasn’t too bad. 😞

    “Don’t worry, we all realize that Moses is an old stick in the mud and that you are the wave of the future.”

    Why thank you, sir yourbuttocks. You are a good example of not judging a book by its cover, or in this case, screen name.

    “Seriously Moses, how is advocating a Communist revolution less radical than enviormentalism?”

    Good riddens, I have never supported communism in my life. But I am an environmentalist in my love of nature and her bountiful spirit.

  • Moses is the Commie. I hope you didn’t think I was refering to you.

  • And darn proud of it! Better Red than dead. 😎

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