Modified Allied 1942.2 setup to help balance the game?

  • Wasn’t there a thread from Krieghund and/or someone else about an official or unofficial setup, where the Allies received a few extra units to help balance the game? I think I remember the US getting an extra DD and the Russians receiving 3 extra Inf. Are people using this setup or using a bid? If a bid, what is the average bids? Thanks!

  • I believe Krieghund was referring to the newest 1941 edition. This version a 3-8 allied bid is what the standard is now.

  • TripleA

    Basically enough to smooth over the UK 1 attacks or Russia 1 attacks.

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    Morning Commando Bravo. ROCmonster is right: the official change was for 1941.
    I played 5 or 6 games online here and we felt a Sub for India (to facilitate the sinking of the Borneo CV and BB) and an Inf in Egypt worked well.
    Enjoy your games.

  • I’ve played about 30-40 games, and won against some other pretty experienced players. Axis is favored on this map. My personal view is that a bid of around 7-11 is fair among experienced players. This is a newer game, so it’s not surprising that people haven’t come up with an exact amount.

    Among beginning players, this bid probably needs to be bigger because players don’t recognize deadzones and leave pieces in the open. Germany has many more offensive pieces than Russia, and Moscow is at serious risk of falling early if Russia loses a stack. This is less true if Germany loses a stack because 1. germany starts with more pieces (compared to Russia), and 2. UK and US aren’t a threat until round 4.

    There’s already great threads on bid placement to have the most impact. I won’t go into depth, but inf in cauc, karelia, egypt ; uk sub off egypt or india are likely have the most impact per IPC bid. Among beginning players, I would probably give uk 1 inf in egypt and ~6 infantry for russia in moscow. That’s my suggestion for a dynamic game among beginners of approximate skill.

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