Is there a way to use the A&A miniatures to sub for original 1942 2nd ed pieces?

  • Sorry, I had to rephrase the question. I’m a noob, but I did some research and apparently the miniatures are part of a different game. I was wondering if it’s possible to use miniatures in place of the original game pieces for the board game. Have people done this? If so, how did they go about doing it?

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    If I understand correctly your rephrased question, you want to know if it’s possible to play an A&A board game (like A&A 1942) using the large-scale pre-painted models that are used in these product lines…

    A&A Miniatures (Original)
    A&A Naval Miniatures
    A&A Air Force Miniatures

    …rather than by using the very small unpainted plastic sculpts that come in the board game itself.  The short answer is no.  The A&A board games are designed to be played with large numbers of tiny sculpts placed on a map board.  The so-called “A&A miniatures” games use models that are gigantic in size compared to the ones in the board games, and there’s no way that they’d fit on an A&A map board.  Besides, you’d need to buy dozens or even hundreds of these “A&A miniatures” to have enough units to play an A&A board game, which would be fantastically expensive – assuming you could even find them on the market, because they’re a discontinued product line.

    In principle, assuming that you owned the required dozens (or hundreds) of “A&A miniatures”, you could theoretically use them to play an A&A board game by keeping all the “A&A miniatures” in labeled groups off the board and representing them on the game map by smaller labeled markers or tiny sculpts…but in essence that would bring you right back to playing the board games with tiny sculpts – which is how they’re meant to be played in the first place.

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