Axis and Allies 1942 2nd Edition Unboxing by Board Game Nation

  • Enjoy this detailed Unboxing of AA 1942.2 from Board Game Nation. It includes a complete look at the map and close up shots of all the pieces. It also shows the game fully setup and ready to play.

    A complete How-to-Play video will be available soon.

  • Nice video. Had the piece and type counts for each nation, a United States of America dime to show scale on pieces on the piece closeups, edited so the presentation’s pretty sharp, doesn’t waste any viewer time.

    Few comments:

    1. There’s errata and clarifications at

    1. The rulebook looks nice but is terribly organized. (The .pdf I’m looking at anyways).

    2. Four Russian battleships is probably way more than anyone ever needs, and two German and two UK carriers could be on the light side in some games. Same can be said for a lot of other pieces, too much or too little. Time was when I’d buy two sets of any Axis and Allies release to make sure I had enough pieces. Usually ran short on Japanese infantry; I think this version requires 15 of 20 for initial setup, then once you start pushing Asia and/or splitting to Africa, Australia, Alaska, well. I suppose I’d feel weird if I didn’t run short on Japanese infantry in an Axis and Allies game though, so eh.

    These days I guess has official pieces so I don’t even have to buy two board game sets. Also has paper money which is nice. Haven’t ordered from them personally though.

    1. Plastic bags and a single box of the small dice as shown are really the minimum, good thing you mentioned picking those up. No way do you want a bunch of loose pieces banging around in the box, that’s just a nightmare to sort through, and trying to roll for a hundred unit battle with just six dice, ugh.

    Other useful things - separate chips (often the board game runs short), different colored dice (so you can roll attacking carriers, subs, destroyers, fighters, and bombers all at the same time, say), and cheap fishing tackle boxes - wee cheap ones with removable inserts (so you can fit the larger miniatures).

    I expect probably you know all that and didn’t want the video to be overcomplicated. Still thought I’d mention 'em just in case.

  • Wow! Thanks for all the great feedback. I agree with everything you mentioned.

    We are working on a How-to-Play video for 1942.2 that will be finished soon. It is a detailed look at every aspect of the rules with lots of examples. It can be watched all the way through by a new player or used as companion to the rulebook. I worked with a number of the games top players and a few educational experts to make sure everything is accurate and easy to understand. Yes, it is a very long video.

    We are in the final editing process now. We look forward to sharing it with the community in the coming days.

    Thanks again for the feedback!

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