• Hello from Poland!

    These are my qestions:

    1.Can strategic bombers attack transport ships or any warships?

    2.Capturing the capital city (i understand all “red” cities are capitals? or only San Francisco, Takyo, Calcutta and Sydney?). Example: When japanese troops take Kwatung (HongKong) - british player will lose his all unspend money? or only value of territory + OB (5 IPC’s)?

    3.Example: US controls Iwo Jima :1 inf +1 tank on island + transport ship. Can US in Combat Move load transport then move to Okinawa (through zone 18 -which is free) and take island by offload units from transport. Can japanese player start kamikaze attack against loaded transport ship?

    4.Example:Japan is at war against US now. Japan has some naval forces in Zone 46 (New Guinea), Americans has Aircarft Carrier with 2 planes on board in Zone 49 (Solomon Islands).Can in Noncombat move this 2 planes from AC move in to Australia territory and land them? Then in nect round in Combat move From Airbase in Zone 31 (Wake Island) starting 2 fighters to attack Zone 46. Can those 2 planes land on empty AC after (succesfull) battle?

    Sry for my english 🙂

  • 1. Yes, for planes to hit subs there needs to be a destroyer present
    2.The capital for U.K. Pacific is Calcutta  Hong Kong is only worth the value of the property and the cost of a National Objective
    3. Kamikaze attacks only target surface war ships not subs or transports
    4. yes
    Have fun and good luck

  • Thanks!
    About question no.3
    Can do the transport ship these action (load, move and unload troops on unoccupied hostile island) in combat move or not? Or maybe i can only load troops (spend all move points)and move transport?

  • Yes that would be an amphibious assault, there were no sea battles or shore bombardment or even land combat.
    Load transports, move transports, unload transports.
    Pg. 17 in the 2nd Edit Pacific Rulebook

  • So could you explain in the same situation (map) when i can’t load ,transport and unload ship in one combat move turn.

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    So could you explain in the same situation (map) when i can’t load ,transport and unload ship in one combat move turn.

    1. When the ground units are from another nation to the Transport.
    You can transport allied units, but they load and unload on their own turn, whilst the Transport moves on its turn.

    2. If you had to clear the SZ as it was unfriendly and you failed to eliminate all enemy ships,  the cargo(the ground units) would remain on board, without being able to unload.

    3. You could also not unload if your Transport is not escorted by a Warship and the SZ from which you want to unload contains an enemy Submarine.

    There are probably other occasions too. A Rules Deputy or another member may think of another.
    Please keep asking if still unsure. There are many who can help you.

  • Example:
    There is an island with japanese fighter (no airbase) and some warships around. US attack these ships. Can jap player use fighter to defend in that battle?

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    If there was an Airbase, then the Japanese player would have the option to  Scramble up to 3 Fighters or Tac Bombers(not a Strategic Bomber).

  • After today’s game:)
    I know UK can take dutch territories without consequence of war with japan. They have 2 transport ships and 4 inf able to do that in first round (1st edition of game). But can they do it? (i mean take 3 territories of dutch and gain +5 bonus ) in 1st round? In other words can UK load 2 inf on 1 transport and take 2 islands in one combat move?

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    If you mean with one Transport, then no.
    You can only unload into one territory, even if you have two ground units.
    You can pick up from two different territories. Never unload into two.

    UK cannot get the 5 NO on T1, as it only has two Transports and three Islands to capture.

  • Another question:
    1 Example:
    ��� forces doing amphibious assault on Philippines (1 transport with 2 inf., fighter, 2 strategic bombers, destroyer, submarine and battleship). US have 2 infantry and fighter on island and destroyer , submarine in sea zone 35. So first there is sea battle and all US ships were destroyed + scrambled fighter. And then ��� player try to take island by ampibious attack. In that case which units can participe in attack? Only 2 infantry on transport? Or maybe every forces (without sub), or inf and planes only?
    2 Example:
    Jap forces ( few ships, planes and transport with ground units) move from Japan on Midway (where is only airbase). Can 2 Aircraft Carrires go there and then attack by planes adjacement area (Hawaiian Islands)?

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    You choose if you want your Air units to attack the fleet or the Island’s ground forces.
    Remember that if you do not clear the SZ, you cannot land amphibiously. Make your choice accordingly.
    Whatever happens if there is a sea battle, you will not get a Bombardment.
    Equally, the defending US  player has to decide if he wants to scramble or not.
    There is a kind of double bluff involved making for a fun time!

  • @SuperTramp:

    2 Example:
    ��� forces ( few ships, planes and transport with ground units) move from Japan on Midway (where is only airbase). Can 2 Aircraft Carrires go there and then attack by planes adjacement area (Hawaiian Islands)?

    Thanks again, and 2nd question?
    I found something like that:
    Movement of airplanes is counted from starting position.  The planes take off and the carrier moves seperate.
    So it mean planes in that case are moving with ship 3 sea zones?

    Another question:
    Japan forces attack from Wake Islands US forces on Hawaiian Islands (there was sea battle and amphibious attack), unfortunately japan forces had to retreat. So 2 damaged AC 1 transport with 1 infantry and some ships moved to SZ around Wake Islands back.
    My questions are:
    If in US turn will be attack on Wake Islands can planes from damged AC (which landed on Wake Island) do scramble?
    Where should be retreated jap infantry on island or on transport ship around?

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    Yes. Air units can attack Hawaiian SZ from Japan or the Japanese SZ and land on a Carrier off Midway.
    Remember that the Carriers can wait and move in noncombat to collect the Air units, bearing in mind that if you lose the Air units, they do not need to move to the SZ at all.

    In your last example up to 3 Japanese Fts or Tacs could scramble to defend their fleet off Wake, if the Air Base(AB) was undamaged.

    Can I clarify that Japan owned Wake before its failed attack on Hawaii?
    I ask as you can only land Air units on a Territory you owned at the beginning of your turn. Not one you just captured.
    Otherwise the Air units would crash into the sea.

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    The Infantry on the Japanese Transport(AP) are still on the Transport. If the AP is sunk in the US counterattack,  the cargo (ground units) is lost too.

  • Thanks!
    Wake belonged to me.
    1 more question:
    Japan captured Qeensland and in next combat move turn they wanna to attack Sydney by ground forces from Queensland (artillery and infantry). Japan have also AC and Battleship on SZ around Sydney. So my question is: Can Battleship do bombardment from SZ if i’m not use transport ship in this attack? Of course planes from AC will be assist.

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    No. You can only Bombard if an amphibious assault is taking place.
    The two units could get back on the Transport of course, then unload into Sydney.

  • Thanks again!
    We play Pacific 1940 first edition but on Alpha +3 rules
    Where can i buy Europe 1940 first edition with option shipping to Europe?

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    I am in England and use Amazon. Surely you too can source Amazon in Poland.
    The Second edition has better sculpts and the latest rules. Consider buying that instead. Price should be much the same.
    I also find it strange that you bought Pacific first, if you are European.
    Have you an interest in that theatre? I am a European theatre man: Germany and Russia and Normandy to Berlin especially.

  • I bought it from some polish boradgaming forum user. It was pretty new and cheap (45 euros). Now i know i wanna play Global :).

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    I see. Try it out first to see if you like it.
    That makes sense; they are not cheap.

  • Question about scramble:

    A quick reaction team of no more than 3 defending fighters and/or tactical bombers (strategic bombers can’t scramble)
    located on each island or coastal territory that has an operative air base can be scrambled to defend against attacks in the
    sea zones adjacent to those territories. These air units can be scrambled to help friendly units in adjacent sea zones that have
    come under attack. They can also be scrambled to resist amphibious assaults from adjacent sea zones, whether or not the
    territory being assaulted is the territory containing the air base. They may defend against the enemy ships conducting the
    amphibious assault even if friendly ships are not present.

    If i’m not mistaken it means if amphibious attack is started i can scramble even if there isn’t any airbase? (only at least 1 plane?). And if i wanna do scramble in normal defense i need airbase?

  • Page 14 in the Pac. book 1st Edit. 2010
    Located on Islands that have an operative airbases can be scrambled (Fighters & Tact.'s)
    They can defend on the ground, regular defense.
    Or they can scramble, to stop the boats
    No Airbase is needed for regular defense, one is needed for scrambling
    The out of box set up has changed a little from the 2010 game compared to the 2012 game.
    Go to the Global section to check out the set up charts
    I own both the 2010 & the 2012 Global sets
    I look at it like that I spend the money for the games and I have hours of fun week after week, for the price I paid compared to the number of games played the cost is less than a dollar per game and it goes down every time I play

  • Hey again!
    One question after today’s game:)
    Can my fleet (in state of war) pass through SZ with an occupied island (some infantry) withou stopping? I know when your unit enter on hostile terriotry must stop but island is spearate territory than SZ?

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    Afternoon Suprtramp.
    Yes it can. Only Navy blocks naval movement(or a Strait of course!).
    An island is a separate territory, yes.

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