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    Lets say this is happening in the z6 the sea of Japan.

    Japan has one ftr in Japan.

    A US transport has two anzac units on it parked in z6.  On the ANZAC turn the two anzac units want to unload to conduct combat either in Korea or Japan.  Can the japanese ftr scramble?  Seems like it shouldnt be able to scramble in response to an anzac attack if there are no anzac units to target.  Or i suppose if it can scramble it shouldnt be able to sink the US transport and thus the anzac units should still be able to unload.

    If it can scramble and sink the US transport with Anzac units what if there are other ships in the sea zone as well (all american).  What if there was 10 US bb’s  and 3 other US transports in the sea zone.

    I cant imagine that the US bb’s would get to fire so if the jap ftr can scramble what are its possible targets?  ( i assume nothing)

    Now this next question I believe has an obvious answer but I will put it in the conversation as a point of comparison.

    Lets say that there is a massive US fleet in z6.  If a ANZAC transport with anzac infantry tried to unload then the ftr should be able to scramble and sink the loaded anzac transport.  Under no circumstance would the US fleet get to roll any dice, correct?

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    Since there is an attack being made in the sea zone (the amphibious assault), Japan can scramble the fighter, forcing a sea battle.  Since it’s ANZAC’s turn, no US units may participate in the attack.  If Japan scrambles the fighter, ANZAC will have no combat units in the sea battle to fight it.  Since there are no attacking sea or air units in the sea zone, Japan will win the sea battle.  Since the sea zone has not been cleared, the amphibious assault may not proceed.  However, the ANZAC land units are perfectly safe, since their (US) transport isn’t in the battle and can’t be hit.

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    OK that makes sense.  So than ANZAC can send planes to combat a potential scramble.  Just wanted to make sure there was no way the US transport could be sunk on ANZAC’s turn.

  • Hello Kreighund…
    If during non-combat naval moves a empty sea zone is entered with an enemy island containing scramble planes can they interupt and attack the boats?

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    Hello, Lancer004.  Welcome!

    No.  Scrambling is done during the Conduct Combat phase, which will have already occurred when noncombat movements are being made.

  • Ok, Great… so can it be said flat out that scrambling can only be done during combat and/or can never be done during non-combat for any reason?

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    That’s correct.

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    Can I scramble planes to stop movement through a sea zone.  Example Japan wants to attack Hawaii from Japan, but must go through midway to get there, can I scramble fighters on Midway and stop there progress to Hawaii?

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    No.  Scrambling occurs during the Conduct Combat phase, so all combat movements will have been completed.  Scrambling only occurs in sea zones in which attacking units end their combat movement.

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