What is the typical bid for G40- 2nd Edition (Alpha+3)???

  • TripleA

    LL 12-15 bid for allies.

    I refuse to play the boring allies below 8, unless we are flipping a coin for sides. I get a sub for uk and 2 ipc for uk to buy 10 inf round 1 for london. Gives a bit more leeway in the uk1 opener.

  • no bid is needed.  Get on triple and play some good players, game is balanced… i love the cry babies who want to bid for allies, I will bid zero and win with allies…play loki17 (me), RedTails, NapalmDeath, RaibowBright, Squidward… and you will get spanked…let me know when you want a tune up

  • TripleA

    last time I checked soulfein spanked you guys.
    was a nice game loki17, hope it convinced you allies need something for a bid. Then again my Japan play is strong, love that Japan 1 dow, easy to play Japan the hyper aggressive way.
    Did teach me I need to change my G1 opener a bit for dice games, bringing aa guns up is kinda silly, hungary going up is 2 arty, to get more on novgorod attack g3. I also should get a sub on G2.

    LRA activated for a 15% crack at japan was entertaining.

  • allies need no help i want a rematch, i wasnt ready for a long game, as long as you have patience the allies will win

  • TripleA

    ok, but I was rushing as the axis though… I have an aggressive play style so it is easy to wait for me to come to you.

  • TripleA

    the results of this poll shows players experience and does not show what bid is needed to balance the game between equally experienced players.

    a bid of 6-15ipc is needed to balance the game.

  • TripleA

    I agree with that statement.

  • '10

    Unless it’s a coin flip, i refuse to play allies with a bid of less than 10 IPC for 2 reasons: first because as most of the people will agree, allies need a little buff, and second because my level of play with allies is much weaker than with the axis.

  • Hmmm…still 0% for Axis needing the bid- that says a lot right there.

  • TripleA

    Yep. Global has issues.

    I wish the allies had more NOs and japan too, but it would make things more complicated. Maybe just nix a germany or italy NO.

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