New turn sequence idea for AA

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    Considering France, Canada and ANZAC, as well as Italy are now getting this a 8-9 nation turn sequence i propose this to fix the downtime issues because my All Axis All Allies turn sequence was not considered…

    Here goes:

    All nations just perform combat movement , combat, and NCM in the national sequence

    Income collection, Technology development, and placement are all done simultaneously by all.

    what this solves:

    1. double income collection issue
    2. downtime waiting for your turn
    3. players who go first have a larger advantage because if you play after your fighting that enemies new units, so essentially by moving latter your always fighting the enemies extra turn worth of forces.
    4. it forces players to think  more about placements and increases decisions that you have to make on defense
    5. It stops the tech spurge and cheap plays like Sealion on G1, where you go all tech hoping for LRA
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    I’ve wanted to move income collection to the beginning of each player’s turn for a long time. Not only does this prevent double collection, but would actually make “contested” areas worth nothing. Much better IMO.

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    I used to prefer this idea but this new idea not only does that, it has other advantages as well.

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