HOT - New Techs

  • ideias for new techs (not house rules but new techs for the future):

    Give new ideias.

    -i start with one:

    Armored Tanks

    After you assigne hits to your tanks, before removing them from play, roll one die for each tank. Each role of 1 one hit is canceled.

  • would call this tec SLOPED ARMOR becouse a tank is already armored

  • Customizer

    This should really be Heavy Tanks.

    Something like:

    When HTs are engaged they can cancel one hit from a MT (medium/standard tank) per round of battle.

    This should force a player facing HTs to try developing his own, just like the eastern front tank arms race.

  • Heavy tanks should be A4,D4. Sloped armor should stay a seperate tech. enables you to have exactually what you described, an eastern front tank arms race. Other techs could be reduced cost= higher production like russian T-34s. Also i have King Tiger tanks for Germany. Attack 5, defend 4 cost 12 , 2 hits to destroy. only 4 can be built at any one time on the board. thinking about making them more expensive. King tigers were real scary.

  • What do you think of these ideas?

    1. Heavy tanks - tanks attack and Defend at 4.
    2. Advanced Artillery - as normal
    3. Improved Mechanized Infantry - as normal except that Mechanized Infantry may now blitz without an accompanying tank
    4. Sloped Armor - Tanks take two hits to destroy, just like Battleships and Carriers. They may be repaired for free if they start their turn at an allied industrial complex or may be repaired in the field for 2 ipcs.
    5. Self propelled artillery - Artillery has a move of two and may blitz when paired with a tank
    6. Motorized infantry - infantry have a move of two and may blitz when paired with tanks

    1. Rockets - as normal
    2. Paratroopers - as normal
    3. Jet Fighters - as normal
    4. Radar - as normal
    5. Long range Aircraft - as normal
    6. Heavy Bombers - as normal

    1. Super Submarines - as normal
    2. Combined Bombardment - destroyers may offshore bombard at a 2.
    3. Improved Fire Controll - Battleships hit at a 5 or less during combat and offshore bombardments
    4. Improved Flight decks - Aircraft Carriers may carry up to 3 Tacs/Fighters or one Strategic Bomber
    5. Sonar - Battleships and Cruisers may detect submarines as if they were destroyers
    6. Long Range Submarines - Subs have a move of 3 (4 if they start out their turn at a friendly naval base)

    1.Increased Factory production - as normal
    2.War Bonds - as normal
    3.Improved Shipyards - as normal
    4.Improved Aircraft Assembly Lines - Fighters and Tacs cost 2 ipcs less. Bombers cost 3 ipcs less
    5.Improved vehicle Assembly lines - Tanks now cost only 5 ipcs
    6. Underground factories - enemy strategic bombing damage against factories is halved

    SECRET -
    1. Main Battle Tanks - Tanks have a move of three (you must have already researched all land techs to roll for this)
    2. Nuclear Powered Navy - every naval vessel’s move is increased by 1 (must have all Naval techs to roll for this)
    3. Advanced Heavy Bombers - Bombers are immune to anti aircraft fire (must have all aircraft techs to roll for this)
    4. plastics - double the effects of your war bonds roll (must have all industrial techs to roll for this)
    5. Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles - your anti aircraft guns have a range of six for the purpose of conducting rocket attacks. Additionally, you may launch atomic bombs via icbms if you have the abomb tech. (must have all air techs to roll for this)
    6. Atomic Bomb - You may launch one free atomic bombing raid per turn. Designate which bomber is carrying an atomic weapon. That bomber rolls 6 dice while conducting strategic bombardment raids and the damage it does may exceed the normal limits. (Must have every air tech to roll for this)

  • pretty cool!

  • Sorry but nothing new

    _This should really be Heavy Tanks.

    You’re right.
    Ok for different type of tank but armored tank means nothing,_

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