Nice roundels for Axis and Allies games…

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  • IL,

    Another great find by you…

    What’s your trick for printing these and making them usable in a game?  Do you print at a certian size and mount on a plastic AA chip?

    Also, I’ve identified ~3/4 of these by sight - could you list the respective country for each roundel?

    Thanks - Monroe

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    I cannot because i don’t use like 75% of them, but they are from Finland, Poland, Canada, Hungary, Romania, and all the little people that fought on both sides as well as the bigs.

    I made these a while back and are posted in my files at… just find one of my files and you can see the list if you search because they are all public.

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    Bear in mind that many of these are incorrect for WWII.


    Peru, Brazil (incorrect), Turkey (finflash; fuselage and wing was red square with white border), Yugoslavia (until 1941), unidentified (the colours suggest Latvia but the design is incorrect)

    USSR (incorrect - LH design), Belgium (until 1940), Finland (Allied forces from 1944), UK (until 1942, thereafter white and yellow rings were much thinner), Spain (Nationalist forces until 1939, finflash - cross on fuselage and wings was of a different design)

    Spain (Republican forces until 1936), Australia (from 1956), New Zealand (from 1970), Canada (from 1947), Bulgaria (correct until 1941)

    France, Germany (incorrect - LH design, i.e. the brown background), USA (until 1941), Netherlands (before and after WWII but not during), unidentified (possibly meant to be Greece?)

    Italy (Allied forces from 1944), Japan (naval flag, not correct for roundel), unidentified (possibly meant to represent Poland, but never used on aircraft, Romania (until 1941, then Allied forces from 1944), Hungary Axis (1942-45, should be in a square)

    I’ve been toying with the idea of producing some WWII flags, banners, control markers and so forth, but what would people use?
    Would there be any interest in flag or roundel printouts to use on custom boards, or for making “Army group”  flags to represent large stacks of pieces?

    See the link below to my map for correct insignia for 1942

    P.S. I find the suggestion elsewhere on that page that we colour-blind persons are “less intelligent” highly offensive.

  • IL & Flashman - thanks for this information.

    Flashman - I would use roundels for the “Minor Axis & Allies Powers” house rules I use on the Deaths Head custom board (You actually made some map comments on the thread today…).

    Countries that are in the house rules I use include:


    Minor Axis:
    Vichy France

    Soviet Union

    Minor Allies
    Australia / New Zealand (I play these as combined force)
    Free French

    What’s the trick for making a paper printout into a sturdy roundel marker that will hold up regular to game play?

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    Goto EAI education and look under tokens and buy a huge box of 1,000 1 inch plastic tokens for $10 bucks. then you get Avery .75 inch round decals and print. Look under my house rules AA50 House rules which has roundels already done like this.

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    Transparent Counters: 1" - Set of 1000

    These are better. I bought both and the soft ones tend to stick together

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    yes, I agree IL, I received them and they will work best.

  • Sorry for the gravedig, but are those things available still? I can’t seem to find them there. Or maybe some other store has them too?

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    Dude, just click the link they work fine.

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