• What would be awesome:

    Combining A&A Global 1940 with A&A Miniatures.

    The Global '40 game would stay the way it is and you still move pieces and take territories as normal.  Only the combat is different.
    In each battle, each piece that you have gives you a certain amout of A&A Minis points to spend on a specific type A&A Mini.  There would be set-up minis maps for every territory on the board, land and sea.
    Also, to keep it historical, the first turn of the game happens in 1940 therefore you can only select units in battle from before 1940.  The 2nd and 3rd turn happen in 1941, 4th and 5th in 1942, and so on…

    This will probably never happen, but it’s just something to think about.
    I think we could set up rules that make the game better in a realistic way.
    Bear with me here.

  • I know it would be easier to label each unit on the board as a specific minis unit and just have it out on the minis board, but it would be impossible to keep track of with so many units on the board.
    Therefore it would have to be each unit gives you a set, predetermined amount of points that you can spend in the fight.

    For example, Japanese tanks in minis suck, so they give you only 20 points each in the minis game to spend on Japanese tanks.  So with 5 tanks in a battle, Japan would be able to spend 100 points on tanks in whatever land battle.
    Conversly, German tanks were awesome, German tanks give you 35 points each to spend on tanks.  That way you could have 2 Panthers or 1 Tiger in the fight.

    Planes would have to have differnt costs if they happen to be fightin over land or sea, due to the points differences between land minis and War At Sea.

    Of course objectives would have to be eliminated in the minis games and all units would have to fight it out till dead or the attacker retreats, which would require him or her to run all thier forces off thier own side of the minis map.

    Oh, and you’ld have to spend a fortune to get enough minis to even try and play the epic battles that happen in the '40 game.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    A good concept… but could you imagine the TIME involved?

    It would also pervert the most basic axis and allies concepts - IE, that I can hit you back.

    If I only have an infantry unit, and you attack say - with a plane / armor.  How am I going to kill anything?  I certainly don’t have a 30% chance to.

    Not to mention, with your point balance system - alot of countries would have problems just trying to compete.

    Electronically - IE a video game - something like this COULD work perhaps…

    Kudo’s for the idea.

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    If I understand you correctly, the idea would be to have each of the battles in Global 1940 (a game which operates at the strategic level) transferred to a separate table where they would be fought, at a much greater level of detail, with pieces from A&A Miniatures (a game that operates at the tactical or skirmish level).  If so, try imagining for a moment what it would take to accomplish this for just one small battle in just one territory during just one player’s move in a Global game.  Let’s say that one Global infantry unit represents an infantry division, and one Global tank unit represents an armoured division.  That’s about 10,000 men in the first case, and about 200 to 300 tanks in the second case.  Assuming that each player in that territory has the same modest forces (1 infantry unit and 1 tank unit each), this would translate into about 20,000 men and 400 to 600 tanks fighting each other.  You’d probably need to rent a ballroom or a gymnasium for a weekend to spread out that many miniatures (assuming you owned that many) and to have them fight each other “realistically”.  Multiply that by the number of battles in every territory in every move of a Global game and you can begin to see that this would be a bit impractical.

  • If it was just a 1v1 game and you had to fight out each battle, then yeah, it would take forever.
    I was thinking more along the lines of each battle that is fought is fought by a different player on the same side.
    For example:  In a 3v3 game 1st turn Germany invades Normandy, France, Yugoslavia, and attacks the British navy in three places.  One player (call him Rommel) on the Axis side runs the Battle Of France with one Allies player defending, One player goes through the Yugoslavia and Normandy missions against another Allies player, and the last player sets up the Naval battles against the UK player.  In this case you could get through a turn or two in one night.

    In response to the strategy/tactics thing… I would make the battles more about tactics and less about die rolls.  I’m looking for a leap of faith here.  We’d just have to imagine that the A&A land maps are much larger than they currently represent (the small towns are actually large cities, each hex is several miles wide).

    It makes it far more realistic IMO.  An infantry with a well-placed shot could still shoot down a plane or a tank (there are even anti-air or anti-tank infantry you could play with), but in reality it’s ridiculous to assume if a few infantry are attacked by a Tiger and two Stukas that the infantry are gonna kill something.

    The only things keeping me from attempting this is the cost involved.  You’d have to throw down at least $5,000 on minis for each side to have a full game even be possible.  Also it would take quite awhile to figure out the rules in depth for a balanced game.  I really want to try this though, if I could ever find 5 other guys to put in the time and money involved.

  • So how about this. One thing I DON’T like is that there is not enough variety. Would the Russian infantry be represented by Mosin-Nagants or PPshs? Would there be officers? What about armored cars and motorcycles do they ever come in? So I propose this idea. Each A&A unit represents a division (obviously) that consists of different units. A Russian unit could be 3 Mosins, 2 PPshs, and a officer. Or each unit has a points limit. We would have to make this small though. Only a small number of points for a unit. I do love this idea. If Russia is attacked with 20 German Panzers with 40 infantry defending then we have a party! However you mentioned another problem. What about the units! I know I don’t have $5000. Well simple what does EVERY A&A player use? The pieces in the game! Use those with some kind of marker to show what unit it is. Well? We have a game?

  • We do have a game.  Send me the $10,000 I need to buy the minis and I’ll get us all set up. 
    Then we just need to find 5 other players.

  • Lol no I think you misunderstood me. I ment do you think we could make rules for a game like this even if it never happened. Like I said you could just commit small numbers and pieces to the game.

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