[Classic] Axis & Allies Diplomacy Variant

  • Please forgive me if this has already been suggested.

    I’m sure that since you all are playing Axis & Allies, then most - if not all - of you have heard of the most famous Avalon Hill Game: Diplomacy.

    I have come up with a little variant of A&A that takes most of its variation from Diplomacy. Here are the rules:

    1. Everyone for themself. No set Axis alliance, no set Allied alliance.

    2. All of the pieces have the same cost and power as in the regular game.

    3. No technology rolls.

    4. All units start out in the same places that they would in the regular game.

    5. All rules about IPC’s and land values stay the same.

    6. All seazones are labeled and given names.

    7. Each game phase opens with a diplomacy phase, where each of the players converse with one another about plans and make deals.

    8. The game then proceeds to the writing orders phase. All units that are being bought are written down first, and then troop movement orders are written down.

    9. Combat movement phase. All battles are resolved. The battles follow the same rules as in regular A&A (dice, unit power, etc.)
      –9A) A battle that was ordered by two different countries over the same border will involve only the units that were ordered into combat. Once one side wins the battle, then the remaining units combat the units within the territory they were originally planning to attack. (Example: Germany attacks with three infantry, one armor, and one fighter from Ukraine, leaving one armor behind, into Soviet-Held Caucasus. The Soviets attack from Caucasus with four infantry, leaving one infantry behind, into German-held Ukraine. Germany wins the battle but loses one infantry in the process. Germany then continues on to Caucasus to fight the one infantry with two infantry, one armor, and one fighter).
      –9B) When there is a border clash, the units from both (or more) sides, are all given their attacker combat values.
      –9C) If a country is attacking over two borders and into one territory, and a border clash comes about with one of the borders being crossed, then a border clash battle will ensue over that border, while the other border being crossed will fight the leftover units, if any. In other words, if Germany attacks Caucasus from Ukraine with Three infantry, one armor, and one fighter, and the USSR attacks Ukraine from Karelia with two infantry, an armor, and a fighter, and from the Caucasus with four infantry, leaving one left over, the USSR’s force from Karelia will fight the left over German tank in the Ukraine, while the Caucasus-Ukraine border clash will ensue as a normal border clash battle. If the USSR wins, then it moves however remaining units into Ukraine (to fight if the Karelian move into Ukraine didn’t succeed, and to just be moved into there without combat if the Karelian maneuver did succeed).

    10. New units are placed (they must follow the rules of regular A&A: troops and the like may only be placed on territories with IC’s, ships/subs may only be placed on seazones next to IC’s, and IC’s MUST be placed on territories with an IPC value [for those of you who’ve read my house rules, I know this goes against them, but this is a different variation of the game altogether]).

    11. Money is collected by each player the same way it would be collected in regular A&A.
      –11A) The capture of a capital follows the same rules as regular A&A: The one who lost their capital must give all of their money to the one who won their capital, and they may not collect income or build new units until their capital has been taken back (capitals may not be liberated).

    12. The round starts again.

    13. Whoever has a total national income of 55 or more by the end of any game round is the winner. Winner can also be decided upon by setting a time limit of how many turns there are to be played in a game and whoever has the highest (if not 55 or over) by the end of the time.

    Well, there’s my variation! It’s a little bit lengthy, I know, but I think it’s good. What do you all think?

    Also, I may not be online for the upcoming few days, so please be patient if you ask me something and you dont get a response within a day or two.



  • Pretty cool variant. The rules make sense. How do you account for the weaker countries acting by themselves? Also, this would be hard to find enough players so everyone can have their own country.
    Even if you don’t do free for all, the simultaneous movement works well in normal Axis and Allies teams. I imagine it speeds the game up too since there’s no down time between turns.

  • Do you realize this guy hasn’t been on here for 18 years ?

  • Wow that’s embarrassing. I just saw the thread and was curious about it. I didn’t even notice the year it was posted. Who knows. Maybe they’ll emerge from their cave.

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    @Zax said in Axis & Allies Diplomacy Variant:

    Also, I may not be online for the upcoming few days, so please be patient if you ask me something and you dont get a response within a day or two.

    Well he DID say he may not be on for a few days…

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