AARHE Questions: Transports, "connected", and Rockets

  • Hello guys,

    my friends and I have started to play AARHE today, and frankly, we’re enthusiastic. Great rules, kudos to the community!

    Three questions cropped up on this first day which we could not resolve by reading the rules carefully over and over:

    1. Transports: there seem to be contradictory sections in the rules. In the section “upkeep” it says:

    Upkeep in special terrain
    Pay 1 IPC for … every unit occupying AP (transport) at the end of your last turn.

    And then it says later on in Non-combat move:
    Sea Transport
    Units on AP (transport) must be loaded and off-loaded the same turn.

    I guess both together do not make sense?

    1. With regard to building infantry the word “connected” pops up in the axis cost table:
      VC connected to Capital 3

    What does connected mean? IPC path? Also via convoy route?

    1. Rockets: They do damage like Strategic Bombing Raid within 3 spaces - if I research this as German (I need 2 boxes) I could pummel Britain with 10 dice per turn! (IC in Germany and Rome = 4 IDs, 3 ID’s in Form of AA’s and VCs in Berlin, Rome and Paris (=another 3 IDs.)
      The most Britain could do would be to develop Underground factories and save 3 IPCs (Production Value for “production interruption”). This comes nearly for free for Germany, as he has all the IDs from the beginning and researching rockets with 2 free research dice is manageable.
      Is this intended or did we misunderstand something?


    p.s. thanks again for the great rule set!

  • Thanks for the feedback. This is how improvements are made.
    I’ve uploaded a newer version mid August. Not sure how far it differs from the latest on my computer though.

    1. The rule of must load and off-load in the same turn even in non-combat is now removed. Long voyages can be performed at cost. The upkeep rule now extends to “currently or at the end of your last turn.” Note that means both retreat from amphibious assault and defender retreat to transports costs IPC.

    2. It means “connected to capital” via land. I’ll add a * note to my file. So for Japan no VCs are “connected”.

    3. That is definitely unintended. The new ID (infrastructure defence) system models defences for VC and IC. Its not meant to make massive offensive power. I’ll add something to specific that implicit IDs from VC and IC do not fire rockets.

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    It means “connected to capital” via land

    by “contiguous land territories” would be the correct script.

  • Hi tekky and Imperious Leader,

    thanks very much for the quick clarifications! I’ll post if other things pop up during gameplay  🙂


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