Famous WW2 quotes needed

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    • I need something for the ANZAC card but everything I find was said in WW1

    That’s not a knife… this is a knife mate" Crocodile Dundee

    • I need something for the Italy card but most of what’s documented came from Mussolini

    “Manga. My Pizza is the best.salute”

    • I want something from Yamamoto for the Japan card, but most of his quotes seem pessimistic toward the Japanese situation

    " We go China east-side, but i think we’ll be taking a trip to the west-side" —Mo Howard

    in jest

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    Another from Robert Menzies for the ANZAC, this one from September 1939:

    “There can be no doubt that where Great Britain stands, there stands the people of the entire British world.”

    I pulled my copy of Hitler’s Italian Allies, so I’ll search that and try to get you something useful for the Italians.

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    Young Grasshopper, here is the result of my scanning the book Hitler’s Italian Allies, by MacGregor Knox.

    From Mussolini: “Either war, or let’s end this commedia of a great power.”

    “Men, our indisputable resource.” - General Armando Diax, 1923

    “The tank is a powerful tool, but let us not idolize it; let us reserve our reverence for the infantryman and the mule.” - General Parani, 1937

    There is not much else of value in there for optimistic-sounding quotes, I think, given that the thesis is that Italian industry, society, and high command were totally unprepared for war.

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    The best quote of the war should be represented even if it doesn’t apply for your cards.

    When the Germans asked the 101 st Airborne to surrender at Bastogne, McAuliffe replied “NUTS”.

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