• Actually, this topic has nothing to do with Bill Engvall.  It has more to do with astrology.  Does anyone else here follow astrological dictums, even slightly?  What I’m getting at is; I’m a Taurus, and from what I’ve read, I fit the description rather well.  It’s hard for me to look away from issues such as relationships, where the zodiac would say I should try to find myself a Virgo, as that would be an ideal match for a Bull.

    Any input is welcome…

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    I think I’m a Tuarus 4/20 MM/DD birthdate.  But other then reading the projections once in a while, that’s as close as i get.

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    Wait! You wore born on the same day as The Fuhrer?

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    I think it is as valid a source of information as most others. I would not call it accurate but it can give you some guidelines. If you are just dealing with Sun signs it is useful to know that each sign as an element and a quality assigned to it. 12 signs one of each combination. The qualities are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. The elements are Fire, Earth, Air and Water. In the case of Tauraus it is the Fixed Earth sign. Anyone ever call a Tauraus stubborn?

    The Cardinal signs are: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn
    The Fixed signs are: Tauraus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius
    The Mutable signs are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagitarius and Pisces

    The Fire signs are: Aries, Leo and Sagitarius
    The Earth signs are: Tauraus, Virgo, and Capricorn
    The Air signs are: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
    The Water sign are: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

    Signs you share a quality with are more difficult to interact with than signs you share an element with. That is only generally speaking and I don’t put a whole lot of faith in it. I do see patterns  in my own interactions, how much of that is self-fullfilling prophecy and how much is Astrology is subject to debate.  😐

    You can of course get deep into this with charts and houses and aspects of planets to one another and how they aspect to planets at birth. But I tend to stick to the above info as a “I can probably expect a (fill in sign) to be…”

    This information is useful primarily for chatting up girls.

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    Wait! You wore born on the same day as The Fuhrer?

    Yes, and those were almost the exact words out of my Grandmother’s mouth when she learned of the date.  Not was she healthy?  Does she have all her fingers or toes?  How much does she weigh?  No, the words were “Oh God, not Hitler’s Birthday!”

  • Got ya by a day Jen.

    And yes, that means I am Aries on Tarus Cusp.

    And you want to talk HAVING ME PEGGED?  LOL
    My sun sign is pretty much dead-balls-on accurate…

  • Well, Jen, as long as you don’t build a nation and an army on strong anti-Semitic sentiment, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.  😄

  • And as for Hitler’s B-Day…

    My B-Day is shared with such events as:
    Ruby Ridge
    Oklahoma City

    Yes, I had some interesting B-days in my 20’s…

  • For what it is worth, i’m a mutable water - pisces. 
    Personally - i think it’s all bullshit.  i really don’t think i share that much in common with 1/12th of the rest of the world.  Another pisces who is really into astrology actually argued with me about whether i was a pisces or not because i really “didn’t fit” and because we were so different (he was a neonatologist, by the way).  Weird.

  • Well, I’m not saying to treat astrology as concrete guidelines, just that it’s pretty freaky how some things fit so well.  And yes, CC, in some cases your sign really may not fit you AT ALL.  But in my case, it’s pretty much dead-on.

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    4/20 national smoke weed day.  perfect birthday!  :lol:

    me, aqaurius, and i dont know what that means.

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    Astrology is total bunk and a half. When i hear somebody ask such a stupid thing as “what sign are you?” I think about gypsies and voodoo witchcraft and those damm dolls they stick needles into. Because that would in fact be the next step in de-evolutional insanity for these people.

  • @AgentOrange:

    Well, I’m not saying to treat astrology as concrete guidelines, just that it’s pretty freaky how some things fit so well.  And yes, CC, in some cases your sign really may not fit you AT ALL.  But in my case, it’s pretty much dead-on.

    people who want to believe in this stuff will find that their sign fits them - whether it does or not.  People with a more objective outlook can find elements of every sign that will fit them, and they can find elements of every sign which will not.

  • The Fuhrer’s bday is also Columbine day. versatile day, 4/20 is.

    and jen, you’ve got me beat by one day

    4/19, 4/20, 4/21…not really of any significance, just kinda funny

    also- i put no stock in this astrology bs, but i will say that my friends and I have looked at books at Borders in the section where astrology books are found (metaphysics maybe?) which were about the significance of names and such…and my circle of friends seems to be the archetypal group, since the name descriptions fit very well with the respective people. <shrug>i still dont believe any of it, because while my friend mike fit the description of “mike” very well, i know plenty of mikes who dont at all.</shrug>

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    I think with much of that stuff  there is a tendency to call it true because it is true once. And a simutaneous tendency to call it false because it is false once.

    That it isn’t always accurate doesn’t mean that it is always without value.

  • I enjoy looking at horoscopes for shits & giggles.  Often I’ll read my daily the following day to see what works.  I’m a lot like CC in that you can make anything fit…

    I don’t put a lot of credit in it, seeing as how much of it is arbitrary, and some things held as standard were obvious injections of agenda-driven research.  I’ve also read that there really should be 13 signs, and even without it, being born the same day of the same month 2000 years ago would have granted you a different sign.  Also, the effect of the planets is taken into consideration, but the impact of the moon is not (which clearly has an effect)?  WTF?

    My favorite astrologist is Rob Brezsny: he doesn’t seem to take himself so seriously, yet obviously spends quite a bit of time on the subject.  http://www.freewillastrology.com/

  • Taurus? Astrology?

    This is the Year of the Dog!

    Dragons Rule!

  • Oh, as far as the Chinese zodiac, I’m a pig. (or boar)

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