• diplomacy is one iv’e my all time favorite board games and I love the treaties and alliances.A wide open A&A ww1 game with treaties backstabing and great game play would definatly be the game of all games.

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    I got AA Europe for X-mas…haven’t tried it yet, but I was wondering if anyone’s heard anything good about Risk 2210…does it compare to A&A? or is it still behind as far as strategy and complexity? Also, by Avalon Hill, there is the remake of History Of The World.

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    If anyone is stil wondering, IMHO RISK2210 is equal to AA. I love the 8 sided dice with commanders, the cards, and the maps(moon and land/sea). It has the extra dimension that risk lacked and is like a cross between AA and RISK. I got it for Christmas and I would recomend it to anybody!

  • I just bought a wargame about the Civil War from a company called eaglegames. Its a great
    game with infantry, cavalry, Cannons and leaders. Its a new aged way of war boardgaming. I mention it because, if you are thinking of WW1 boardgame, the system eaglegames has developed would be perfect.
    The combat in the game is very active, you move units too and from flanks, charge with cavalry, blast cannons from hill tops, its great fun. Eaglegames is currently working on a WW2 game for their system, a Napoleon’s Europe and a American Reveloution game. Check it out, its good.

  • Sounds good. Is there a board game version and computer version?
    BTW, has anybody bought Civilization 3?
    I am thinking about buying it, but am not sure whether to or not,

  • Wow, haven’t posted here for forever.

    Anywho, I think a WWI game would rule. Like there’s a bunch of territories and you can “buy” trenches (like a strip of cardboard) to up your defenses. I think the game would be great. Also, politics would be an awesome addition hardly ever used in any games. For instance you have to buy ‘propaganda’ items to UP your ability to have more deaths per turn. For instance: I buy ‘propoganda’, so I can have more than lets say, eight deaths, in this turn. If you exceed the limit your people get mad and you have to reduce a set number of units or reduce nation revenue… or both.

    I’m thinking about getting the Civil War game… I don’t really know though… you can make flanking manuevers and such? If so, I might get it.

    Maybe an Operation Market Garden game would be cool. I made a variation of my own SO LONG AGO. I don’t have it anymore but it was pretty fun.

    There’s so many things to pick… Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korean War, WWI, Civil War, Indian wars, Texas Revolution, War of 1812, American Revolution… Middle Ages… Dark Ages… Could have ancient times… Maybe a Black Hawk Down game would be fun… Then again, probably not.

    Of all of them, I’d think WWI, Vietnam, and the Indian Wars would be the best (with the Indian Wars having the most variation). Tell me what you guys think.

  • regarding Risk 2110, I have played it and it is a lot of fun. Not nearly so involved as the AA games, but it is fast paced and wildly unpredictable. The main problem of the original Risk - players amassing enormous armies til it was foolhardy for anyone to attack anyone else - has been eliminated with the introduction of the command cards and “energy chips” (money). We got a four player game together, and there was just no way to tell who was “winning” because those damn cards can swing the balance of power in an instant. There’s also only 5 rounds to a game, so a player has to think ahead and yet not bide his time TOO long. Only played twice, but I’d say it’s worth the purchase price.

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