Using D-Day blockhouses in Other Axis and Allies Games

  • Has anyone come up with good use of blockhouse in say A&A Europe, Pacific, or even Revised? I think they definitely could be of use in Europe. Also, I wanted to ask if anyone knows where I could get extra pieces from A&A D-Day? You can’t get them from Hasbro for some reason. I want more blockhouses and I like the darker German Pieces.

  • I reckon the block houses can just represent bunkers/fortitifications
    for AARHE Italy version…we gonna have Malta
    we could put 1-2 there

    ah game pieces

    I just bought another copy of revised for additional units (eg. black permanent marker on bits of the fighter = naval fighter) and…UK has a different colour! instead of tan its bage!
    damn it

    its not a different shade
    its a different colour!
    doesn’t even go with the gameboard/map!

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    repaint thats all you can do.

  • I use em as costal defense guns.  For each block house they get to shoot at a vessel involved in an amphibious assault.  On a roll of 2 or less they hit a transport.  Roll of 1 they can choose to hit a combat vessel.  They can also limit movements through straights similarly.

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    yea good ideas!  Id like to use them for revised as fortresses or seigfried line or a fuhrer bunker that protects factories from bombing ( representing underground factories)

    those would be cool ideas as well.

  • oooh underground factories sounds like an idea

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    So using the blockhouse unit or infrastructure defense…
    it can have the following uses

    1. underground factory shelds factory from SBR

    2. If used on coastal territory and not with a factory it can:
      a) attack invasions with say 2 rolls of 3 and can hit incoming ships or landing units ( it choses targets preemtively)
      b) defend the territory with 2 rolls of 3 against land attack preemtive. it chooses targets.

  • Here’s something for you guy’s to consider:

    Coastal Guns:
    UNIT:                A&A: D-DAY “Bunker” piece
    IPC COST:            5 + 5 or 14*
    ATTACK:              D12 (see below)
    DEFEND:              D12 (see below)
    LAND MOVE:           1 Zone (Special)
    Coastal Guns can only be built in a friendly coastal land zone or on an island land zone. They have 3 different missions they can perform, but only 1 at a time per player turn.
    Anti-Aircraft Gun: The coastal gun can be used the same as an AA gun against all attacking aircraft in defensive fire, 1 D12@2 or less.
    Anti-Armor Gun: The coastal gun can be used the same as an AT (Anti-Tank) gun against attacking armor units in defensive fire D12@1 for each attacking Tank.
    Anti Bombardment Gun: The coastal gun gets 1 anti bombardment shot against cruisers and battleships conducting shore bombardment. Best of all…it gets to pick its target amongst the bombarding units. This attack is based on a D12@4 or less to hit, also it may fire at each partisapating transport. 1 D12 @2 or lparticipating, Mortar, etc.)
    An AA Gun and a Coastal Gun may be in the same land zone; however, the coastal gun is limited to its shore bombardment attack only in this situation. 
    A coastal gun can only be destroyed by Bombers via a TBS (Tactical Bombing Strike) or targeted during shore bombardment by a Battleship or Cruiser.
    TBS works the same as a SBR only the target is the Coastal Gun instead of IPC’s.
    Each attacking Bomber rolls 1 D12@2 or less.
    Battleships and Cruisers roll 1 D12@3 or less.
    Coastal guns can be built in 2 different ways. For a cost of 5 IPC’s in 2 consecutive turns, a player may build this unit. At the placement phase of the 1st turn, the unit is placed on the board, but is inactive. During the placement phase of the 2nd turn, it becomes active for all player turns after that. The second way is the rapid build. The player can build a coastal gun in 1 turn by paying 14IPC’s all at once. This unit is active when placed on the board. (The extra 4 IPC’s represents overtime and multiple crews’ wages.)

    Use, edit, add to, whatever makes sense and can be used feel free to do so.

    Thoes426 :evil:

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    peter you seen the ideas i posted  for the Bulge game yet?

  • Yes.
    I find yours interesting in the aspect you have allowed for the German player to attempt the impossible. Capture the port.
    Historically this may have not been possible, but I still like the idea of the “what if” factor.
    I know i will be happy with Larry’s new creation.
    but I also know i will be wanting try yours too.

    Oh to be wealthy enough to buy it all when i want not when i can.

    Thoes426 :evil:

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    NO my post was to make something to use with Larrys game. Taking OOB and supplanting it with standard combat system. All im just doing is using the old system for larrys new game. What you think?  You like those combat strips thing?

    artillery rolls 3 dice and tanks only roll 2? whats with that?

  • I will need to play first to give a true assessment.
    My gut thought is one of curious excitement at the new combat system/dice.
    It’s natural evolution for this kind of change to come to the game.
    If it always stayed the same it would become just another “Revised” edition.
    I hope that it’s a well received game as I’d love to see more battle specific games come to be!
    Thoes426 :evil:

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