Optional Rules for Revised Axis and Allies

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    Optional Rules for Revised Axis And Allies:

    New units


    Light infantry: attack 1- defends 1- move 1- cost 2
    Representing the Volks-Grenadiers, Soviet Rifle divisions, and smaller infantry elements.

    Mechanized Infantry: attack 2-defends 2-moves 2-cost 4
    Representing Panzer Grenadiers, Mechanized Rifle Infantry, Italian “motorized” divisions, UK and US armored infantry
    Special function: can transport one matching infantry unit one additional space at a 1/1 basis.

    Heavy Tanks: attacks and defends at 5- moves 2- costs 9
    Note: Infantry hits cannot go against this unit only other armor units
    Representing heavy tanks: Tigers, IS-2, Comets, Pershing, Type 97or 95 heavy tanks. Etc
    Special function: give each matching infantry +1 attack or defense with these tanks at 1/1

    Self- propelled Artillery (tank destroyers): attack 4- defends at 3- moves 2- cost 7
    All hits have to go against armor units first (artillery and tanks)

    Heavy Artillery: attacks 4 defense at 2 moves 1 cost 6
    It can attack from an adjacent space with a one free preemptive salvo and does not have to move in with other units. If it decides to move and attack then its hits are not preemptive. Each heavy Artillery unit boosts one infantry unit +1 1/1 basis.

    Anti-Tank Gun: attack 1-defend 1- move 2- cost 5
    Special function: can roll once against every armor unit at the start of the turn with a preemptive attack. Hits are removed before the start of combat> this is basically a AA gun for land.

    Air units:

    Air transport: attack 0- defends at 1-moves 6-cost 12
    Special use: transports up to two infantry into friendly territory.

    Torpedo-bomber: attacks naval targets at 3 defends at 4-costs 9 moves only from carriers no more than one sea zone away (the carrier can move or not move first). Note: In aerial combat they attack at 2 defend at 3

    Note: fighters (land based) can no longer be used with carriers. They only engage land and aerial targets over land territories.

    Dive- Bomber: attacks ground targets at 3 defends at 4. Moves 4-costs 9 Note: In aerial combat they attack at 2 defend at 3. With every matching dive-bomber your tanks (either type) are increased in combat +1 at a 1/1 basis.

    Heavy (long range) bombers: attacks twice at 4/4– defends at 2—moves 8—costs 20 Note: they only can attack as SBR or ground units. They cannot attack naval targets. When they perform a SBR they roll twice for damage.

    Naval Units:

    Cruiser now modified to light and heavy cruisers:

    Battleships go down in price to 20 IPC

    Heavy Cruisers: Move 3 spaces, attack and defend at 3, take two hits, cost 16. And can shore bombard at 3

    Light Cruisers: Moves 3 spaces, attacks at 2 defends at 3, takes one hit, cost 12, shore bombard at 2. Also has a AA gun capability against each attacking plane-- hits these planes at a 1.

    Destroyers: attack and defend at 2, moves 2 or 3 (not sure yet), takes one hit, costs 8, shore bombard at 1.

    Landing craft: a cheaper transport: costs 6 IP can carry only 2 infantry no combat value-- moves 2.

    Carriers: carries 3 planes-attacks at 1- defends at 3- moves 3 costs 18
    Light carriers: (escort carriers) carries 2 planes attacks 0-defends 2-- moves 2- costs 14

    In the next topic we will address how these units interact more: e.g. combat missions

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    I thought i might just bring up this old post out of of the blue because the funny thing is the units listed in many cases became the various new units over the years.

    Cruisers, BB price drop, Mechanized infantry, Artillery, fighter-bomber, etc…

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