National Advantages for Axis & Allies 1942 Ed.

  • @Raeder:

    How about this NA for Germany, to replace the V2 NA:

    Volunteers from all over Europe joined the Waffen-SS, to fight with the Germans. At its hight, this armed wing of the SS consisted of 38 divisions.

    Once per turn, you may place one infantry for free in Germany.


    I actually use this as a NO for Germany.

    But I called it SS Division Wiking (German Foreign Legion)

    -The division was formed around three motorised infantry regiments. Germania, mostly ethnic Germans. Westland, mainly of Dutch and Belgian volunteers, and Nordland, mostly Danes, Swedes, Finns and Norwegians.This takes part in Germanys Purchase Units Phase, if Germany control Western Europe & Scandinavia, Germany receive 2 additional infantry units at no cost, these units is considering volunteers from those areas and countries.

    Now that Mechanized Infantry enter the game, maybe it should be Mechanized Infantry at no additional cost?

  • I used the OPs NAs for the first time last night. We rolled 2 d6 to see which NAs each country would get. I was Germany and got the V2 Rockets. Instead of having the UK surrender the IPCs to the bank, we did like a SBR and placed damage markers under the IC. Together with a 1 bomber SBR, the UK IC had a stack of 12 damage markers under it which the UK decided that all damage markers needed to be removed. We really enjoyed playing with these and will be adding them in again two at a time until we are familiar with all of them and then have all of the NAs for each country in play. Nice job and thanks for posting the NAs. These kinds of things make AA42 an even better game.

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