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    I have a group that plays G40 in person twice a month.  A typical play scenario is to play 12+ hours until we’re wiped out, then have a heated arguement for about 30 minutes over who would actually have won if we continued for another day or two of playing.

    Does anyone have any ideas or techniques that they use for determining an actual winner in a limited timeframe?  VC’s?  Units on the board? some type of point system?  etc.?

    The game is OOB, and that isn’t going to change so it’s not an option.  ‘Freezing’ the game until the next session is also not an option.



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    I’ve gone the route of tallying up all the IPCs (saved and will be collected) and all the prices of the units to figure out a winner, but that’s not all that effective outside of the classic game.

    In classic there’s the whole “Magic 84” win for the Axis, but I always hated that one!

    A faster route I’ve used before is totallying all the planes, tanks, artillery, battleships and carriers cancelling one out for each side until there’s only one side with some (England has 3 fighters, Germany has 5, means Germany has 2 left after cancelling).  It’s sort of like a “who has more punch” than the other.\

    A much more FUN way is to put EVERYTHING on the battle board and fight it out!  Put each side as “attacker” so that a bomber for one isnt massively better than for the other side, of course.

    Another way is to declare “Global Thermo-Nuclear War”.  Give everyone 3 rounds to split up, then at conduct combat phase of each turn, you may eliminate all the pieces in a territory of your choosing (Naval or Ground) (NOTE: this occurs AFTER all other combats, but before place new units - and Industrials and AA Guns dont get removed no matter what)

  • Leave it set up and finish next week.

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    Unfortunately leaving it for a week isn’t an option.  We could take pictures and reset it, but the players tend to change based on who is available.

    I like the grand battle idea, we may give that a whirl.

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