• Hello everyone!
    This is just a fun little scenario I created in my spare time, when a) I don’t have 1914 and b) I wanted the scale to be bigger. So without further ado, I give you my G40 Russian Civil War.
    I will post the setup shortly for those who are interested in giving this whirl. Of course, let me know what could change to make this scenario a little smoother. Feedback is always welcome!

    G40 Russian Civil War

    Turn Order:
    Bolsheviks (1940 Russian pieces)
    White Army (1914 Russian pieces with 1940 Italian mech infantry OR 1940 Italian pieces)
    Separatists (1914 OR 1940 German pieces)

    Winning the Game:
    The game will last until either Russian faction wins by controlling of Russian territories. The Separatists win if at the end of 10 rounds none of their territories are occupied by the Bolsheviks. If this does not occur, then the Separatists become a strict neutral power, and all original Separatist territories cannot be entered. All Separatist units on the board are also removed.

    British Karelia:
    As part of the Allied intervention during the civil, Britain had deployed troops to occupy Murmansk before withdrawing them in October of 1919.
    The territory Karelia is a British minor power controlled by the White Army player, with a starting setup of 4 infantry and 2 artillery. White Army units may move into and through Karelia. British units may move into and through White Army territories as well as invade Bolshevik territories. To receive reinforcements, British Karelia may roll one die and add, in any combination-
    1 infantry per dot
    2 mechanized infantry per 2 dots
    1 artillery per 3 dots
    At the end of the third round of the game, British Karelia, along with any territory occupied by British forces becomes a White Army territory. Remove all British units on the board. In their place, place 2 White Army infantry each territory formally owned by British Karelia.

    The Separatists:
    The Separatist are made up of countries formerly part of the Russian Empire and are at war with the Bolsheviks.
    Separatist units cannot move outside of Separatist territories unless invading and capturing a Bolshevik territory. If the Separatist go strict neutral, territories captured by them are up for grabs for whoever moves into them first. The Separatists do not require factories to build units.

    Czechoslovak Legions:
    The Czechoslovakian Legions had been part of the Russian Army, and during the civil war were allowed to leave to France. However, they ended up dispersed along the Trans-Siberian, and the Bolsheviks set out to disarm and arrest them.
    Czechoslovakian Legion infantry are controlled by the White Army player and are able to move unlimited spaces through the territories of Russia, Samara, Novosibirsk, Timguska, Yenisey, Yakut, Buryatia, and Amur. These territories do not need to be controlled by the White Army. If it is hostile controlled, however, combat begins. Outside of those territories, Czechoslovak Legion infantry can only move 1 space. The Czechoslovak Legions cannot be rebuilt.

    Unit Restrictions:
    Only infantry, mechanized infantry, and artillery can be built in this game.

    Unit Stats:
    Infantry- Attack @ 2 Defend @ 2 Move @ 1 Cost 3
    Mechanized Infantry- Attack @ 2 Defend @ 1 Move @ 2 Cost 4
    Artillery- Attack @ 3 Defend @ 3 Move @ 1 (2 when paired with Mechanized Infantry) Cost @ 5

    1940 combat rules, not the 1914 combat rules.

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