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AARHE Historical Map

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    why we have Malta but not Crete?

    Crete was invaded before spring of 1942 and it posed no problems after occupation. germany controlled it till the end of the war

    Malta was a thorn in Italys side. Its air base was used to sink Italian transports and harass shipping and provided coverage to british convoys traveling to suez canal. It was also a fortress that was considered very difficult if not impossible to crack. Its a much greater strategic point for UK and against the italians.

    other than that it woul clutter the map with too many medd islands :mrgreen:

  • oh I see

    so we can say its part of the territory Balkans
    like Cyrus is part of the territory Turkey

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    Create was  part of greece ( german occupation)

    Cyprus was british owned but played no part in the war.

    Rhodes is Italian occupied.

  • Hey Guys/Gals,

    Sorry to barge into you conversation. Quick noob question and I’ll let you go. What is AARHE?

    Sorry again to interupt,

    Lost Tribe 04

  • AARHE stands for Axis and Allies Revised: Historical Edition.

    A set of house rule with enhanced realism, to be used on top of LHTR 1.3.
    Comes with historical justifications in italics for each rule.

    The two stickied threads has the files.

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