AARHE: Vassal Implementation

  • Just curious if AARHE exists in any vassal or software form – some kind of tool that could be used to help understand the rules or walk people through scenarios.

    Basically allowing people to collaborate online.

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    I wish it were done. If you find the people who can make it happen, Ill be available to provide any graphic work necessary. Tekkyy is looking into this actually. PM him.

  • you can muck around with the abattlemap map I pulled together in a hurry
    download at the http://home.exetel.com.au/cometo/aarhe/

    a while back I intended to take part in TripleA to open ways for support of house rules such as AARHE

    however TripleA had no intentions to provide a proper framework to support the newer axis and allies games let alone house rules

    there was a possibility of great things to happen for TripleA 2.0 but I am not busy with life things

    FYI TripleA supports Classics natively, after that even Revised is a bit of a hack

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