1942 game on a 1940 global map?

  • I may have the opportunity to obtain both 1940 boards (boards only-no pieces).  But currently I have only the 1942.2 pieces plus the tactical bombers & mech infantry units for each of the five 1942.2 powers I purchased from HBG.  I may fork over the cash at some point for the minor powers for the 1940 global game.  Until then I’m curious if anyone has developed a functional OOB for the five major powers used in the 1942.2 game to be used on a 1940 global board?

  • Hi SEP,

    I’m in a similar situation; I own A&A “classic“, “Europe (1999)“, “Pacific (2000)”, “1914” & “1942.1”. For a game of “1940-Global” you need additional units for Italy, France, China and ANZAC.
    By now I’ve bought miniatures for ANZAC and China, while using my French and Italian 1914 pieces.

    If you possess enough miniatures, you don’t need a new 5-player set-up. Just use some

    • Americans (or maybe Russians) for China,
    • British with face-down-control markers underneath for ANZAC and France (In addition the location of the units will help you to keep them apart.)
    • and Japanese with face-down-control markers underneath for Italy.

    Btw. If you use some optional “Vichy - House Rules” after the fall of Paris you need the “british”French only during turn one.


  • Thanks Lars.  I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered the French, Italian, ANZAC and Chinese units from HBG.  I took a look at each power’s starting units and then made an education guess as to what I would need.  They arrived yesterday and I’ve got them all sorted out and ready to go.  Just waiting for the boards to come in and I’ll get a game going.  But good thoughts on the classic units, if I need anything extra all those classic pieces will be coming out of retirement.


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