• Hello everyone, I am a new member. I just bought my first Axis and Allied Revised ed. I really enjoy it .However I would like to know if there are  variants of this game that one can play on a PC SOLO or online
    Many hanks.

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    you can play here… just check out our forums. you post the moves back and forth and everybody says you are the worst they ever saw because we ALL see the moves. if you want something finished in a day head for that Triple A players site.

  • yeah, if you’re new to this game, then you can play me because I am anxious to play my first game of A&A Revised.  just send me a PM if you want to PBEM or on the forum

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    a great freeware one (that is constantly being upgraded and currently has a base level “AI”) is TripleA:


    I like this version a lot, it has an “are you sure” option available in the Combat Menu for most phases so if you decide to change a move (like in the real game) you don’t have to stay with your original one like in most AaA online or Comp games…

    And welcome to AaA.org!


  • I tried triplea.sourceforge.net but I could not get the revised edition it probably was the old edition. Could you point me in the correct direction for downloading the Revised edition.Maybe post the link. Then I could start playing with some of you and solo.

    Many Thanks.

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    after you launch the program select “load new game” look for the file revised.xml, select it and click  open.  now try starting a game, it should give you the revised version.

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