• Hi all, as I’m sure you’ve seen from my previous posts, I am just getting into the game. Question regarding the economy split with Britain. How exactly do the points work regarding “mixed” forces, and can calcutta economy increase? The reason I ask is because I have seen a video where a transport from India is used to capture Persia, but then a factory is placed on it using London IPC the following turn and then London troops are deployed there the turn after that. How is this legal? I would have thought that if Indian troops captured a territory, than it would have to be them deploying troops there, but maybe I am missing something due to the combined economy? Thanks in advance!

  • @Saber25 It doesn’t matter what side of the board the units start on. Obviously, they will get mixed up as the game goes on, and it could be hard to remember them all. When playing global, all territories on the Europe map, except Western India, or whatever it is called, go towards Britain’s Europe economy. This includes territories captured or neutrals taken over. It is the same way on the Pacific map except Western Canadas ipcs go to the Europe economy. Western Indias ipcs go toward Pacific economy.

  • 2021 '20

    The division between the two economies is the split right down the middle of the board, no matter who captures it, if the territory is in the Europe game, it’s IPCs go to London.

  • 2021 '20

    @J-o-C welp, yours is quite a bit better than mine lol

  • Thanks guys! That explains it perfectly.

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    Couple of notes:

    1. All the units are British. There is no difference between UK Europe units and UK Pacific units. That is why they move and attack together.
    2. Each UK capital can ONLY collect money from and build on their side of the board territories (Exceptions: West India is Pacific Territory - West Canada is Europe Territory). For example; If India (Calcutta) is taken and West India is taken by the Axis and then UK Europe takes West India back they do not collect for it because it is a Pacific Territory. Other Allies taking West India back could collect for it. Also, if for some reason Borneo is still under British control with India captured UK Europe may not build any infrastructure there because it is a Pacific Territory and Europe money.

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