• Someone suggested to me over the weekend, played our first game, Axis lost (Horrible dice rolls for all Axis players), that as Japan I should have taken out the US transport in Hawaii with one of my Bombers from mainland Japan.

    Makes sense as I was attacking the Phillipines anyways, but wouldn’t the bomber have to fight off all the scrambled Hawaii fighters before it could destroy the transport?

  • Yes. The rule is - Fighters and/or tactical bombers may “scramble” to join the battle in an adjacent sea zone to defend the transport (or others ships). The island must have an airbase for the planes to scramble.

  • Use a sub, scrambled planes can’t hit you without a Destroyer.

  • Yes, one sub can reach it and that one should be moved there. Combine it with a massive move to Carolines and from there you can pick Hawaii, most ANZAC territories, most of DEI, Phillipines, etc.

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