Alpha+ 3: Amur rule - questions, agreements and strategies

  • How does the new Amur rule change the political setting between USSR and Japan? It is obviously in favor of the USSR. What would be a suitable agreement players could agree upon when breaking the non-agression pact? All suggestions are welcome!

  • This may not answer your question but -

    Remove the user made penalty. The game will never start because people would be making ridiculous agreements and the agreements had to be within the scope of the rules. (obviously)  The problem with the Alpha 2 rule was when Japan attacked Russia it was Germany that got punished as all of the IPCs were spent in the ICs near Germany. Maybe have the NO read something like this -  Russia will have Mongolia join their side if ANY Russian territory is attacked by the Japanese. Japan will  get an 18 IPC bonus (worth the same as the in Mongolian Units) if Russia attacks any Japanese occupied territories. This way Russia has the units available to defend against a Japanese attack and now Russia has a reason not to attack Japan. Just to make it a little more favourable to Russia, they still get the Mongolian troops even if they attacked Japan first. Obviously Japan would have had to attacked Russia back though. Also Japan should not be allowed to attack Mongolian territories  the same turn as they attack Russia. If this is done it would violate the strict neutral policy. This gives Russia one round to put these units into some sort of defensive position. Or offensive?  I’m sure someone can polish this up a bit. Oztea??

  • I like the dynamics of this new rule.  It causes japan to think twice before attacking Russia, and it make Russia not want to stock Amur with all 18 infantry early In the game as japan can get lots there early on.  However Russia cannot leave it empty fearing an amphibious assault.  So a reasonable agreement would be…. I as japan wont attack Russia if there is 6units in Amur (no more no less).  This allows japan to leave a skeleton defense, leaving more units for china, Calcutta, or DEI and a turn to prep defences if they break the treaty.  Russias benefit is they get to keep their economy intact.  You might want to add a turn restriction to this tho.

  • @TheDefinitiveS:

    Maybe have the NO read something like this -  Russia will have Mongolia join their side if ANY Russian territory is attacked by the Japanese.

    I agree with this statment 100% and is how I orignally interpreted this rule and is how I shall play it. I liked the NO that gave the defending player an extra 12IPCs, but think it should be revised to say the defender can deploy an extra 4infantry in the area attacked when attacked. That way if Japan attacks the Soviets Germany dosnt have to worry about 2 extra tanks running around against them.

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    I know it’s not historically accurate, but who ever gets attacked first on any territory, should get Mongolia and it’s standing army. Gameplay before history, that’s what I say.

  • I proposed:

    “If Japan attacks Russia, then Mongolia activates”
    “If Russia attacks Japan, add 4 Japanese infantry to Korea”

  • I think its kinda weird, If Japan attacks Amur from the sea there is no activation - as long as any aircraft can fly out to sea and come in from the ocean (they can all land in Manchuria though).

    And then during non combat moves Manchurian and Korean units can flood across the boarder.

    Honestly I think they should have just added more units to Russia and left Mongolia neutral.

  • Well I like it because it brings mongolia into the war.  I think Mongolia has too many troops, but well…

    BTW they addressed the whole ftrs fly from Manch out to sea and attack Amur.  No starting units in Manchuria/korea can be used in the Attack.  So those planes need to come from carriers or Japan.

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