Chinese rural economy

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    China can’t scramble its fighter from an airbase because the fighter can never leave the territories that Chinese occupation is restricted to.

    Thanks very much Krieghund. Much appreciated.

    I am guessing then that my rulebook is more up to date than others, including this forum! Perhaps that will help me win from time to time. 😄


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    Are you saying that the books available for download right now, are slightly different than the books I downloaded when 2nd edition first came out?

    Possibly.  I think they’ve been updated since then, but I know they’re not the absolute latest versions.  Anyway, it’s not really an issue.  As I said, there’s nothing in the rulebook tweaks that’s not in the FAQs.


    Also, I’m going to be buying a copy of 1940 Europe and Pacific 2nd Edition next week, is there any way I can tell inside the rule book jacket if my copies are from the latest print run or not?.


  • Ok, However… I just looked at the Europe 1940 2nd edition rule book on the wizards of the coast site, and on page 24 under the sea zone 97 convoy diagram it still says that Italy can only be convoyed for a maximum of 2 IPCs. This is in the FAQ, so if corrections are available to be made before the next run, I would guess that this would be one of them.

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    All of the FAQs were incorporated as of the latest print run.

  • @Krieghund:

    All of the FAQs were incorporated as of the latest print run.


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